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November 27, 2009


(Thanks to Onterrible)


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O, the humanity!

Have they investigated the local aquarium shops?

Sorry, we're clothed.

So where are the poor girls going to do their jumping jacks now, huh? It's not like they can just move 50 feet east to the Christian book store.

When the pirannha bites, with his teeth, dear
Time to head east for a while
Fire hoses, from the crew, dear
Get the hooters back in style

On the sidewalk, one Sunday morning
Girls are lined up, wet and cold,
Someone's peeking round the corner
Could that someone be, a blogger bold?

I cannot . . . this is just . . . I'm sorry, I'm too affected by this to even comment on it.

The firemen came for the wings.

...but they stayed for the breasts.

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