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November 23, 2009


Sgt. Barbara Jones of the Orlando Police Department said the men tried to rob the restaurant, but one of the employees pushed a bagel cart at the suspects and they fled.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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If he added cream cheese it would qualify as a hate crime.

"Is . . .is that nova I see? RUN!!!

They don't make criminals like they used to??

Yes they do, the smart ones just do white collar crime!! the dumb ones get caught..

I'd like a raisin cinnamon bagel, please...

They might have had more luck at another bagel shop. One with fewer Einsteins.

Bagelcartophobia... It's a growing problem.

"Gimme the money or I'll hurt you, I swear!
What? NoI didn't say schmear!

Now, we planned this crime for a whole week and . . .no, I didn't want a whole wheat!

If you do that again, I swear it, I'll pop you one and then . . .NO, DON'T GIVE ME A POPPY SEED!!

LOOK, just give me everything in the register and I'll . . .I DON'T WANT AN EVERYTHING BAGEL!!!!

Overheard as they were fleeing the scene:
"Oh my God it's Lox!"

Oy vey,
Get away.

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