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November 24, 2009


This Sunday. Downtown Miami at noon. Be there, or be somewhere else. The choice is yours.

Lots more info here, thanks to Andy the TropicHunt.com guy.


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"Topping the sheep" is likely to attract a different kind of crowd than the one you're used to, Dave.

Or maybe not....

I'll likely be here. Hmmm, no matter where I go, I'm always here.

But I'm not usually in Miami, and I'm not likely to be there this Sunday either, since it's a long drive from where I am right now, which is Arizona.

But have fun anyway. Over there. :-)



Should we wear body armor?

Andy's name is best written. Spoken, it confuses Mr. Howard.

*thinks about that*

*opens mouth and begins pronunciation*





*thinks to self, "Yes, I see where the confusion is."*

But will Gene be there?

Manilow-rolled again!
Wiredog, that was unprovoked! *Smacks* the wdog with a sweet potato.

I shall be there! Jan is coming over and staying with me like last year. Let's hope it doesn't rain!!

*SMACKS* the dog!! (even if I didn't click)

Heh. Manilowing is best served undeservedly. I mean, you expect it in a Manilow story.

You shoulda been on Slashdot when the goatse guy was a popular surprise.

Ok, as long as Dick Cheney isn't there, 'n stuff.

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