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November 18, 2009


Ridley and I were in Deerfield Beach, Fla., today to make a video with Mitch Albom for a show he does for Border's. For reasons that are still not clear, Mitch decided it'd be a good idea to have guitars and pretend were were posing for an album cover in roughly 1964.



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'Ridley and the Strumptones' WB . . .

So strumpeting now means sipping pina coladas at the beach and playing acoustic versions of Margaritaville?

That's so you could fit in with the Florida is the weirdest state theme.

round, round, get around, I get around, wah-OOOO!

Deep sigh. Why are all the good men always taken? The Roving Strumpeters wbagnfarb.

It will fit right in with these.

Wait, I thought Ridley could actually play the guitar?

Meanwhile, next time Mitch should pick a spot where alcohol isn't banned.

Great picture! Love it!

Horace, Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs' "Wooly Bully" was one of those album covers.

A friend has a collection of antique classic guitars, worth some large bucks, like the Gibson once owned by Buck Owens' lead guitar player, and some 1930s Martins.

Every time he hands me one, I make sure it is introduced to "Wooly Bully" before it goes back in its case.

I also believe I owned a few of those.

"I also believe I owned a few of those."

Albums, that is...

"I also believe I owned a few of those."

Albums, that is...

Whoooaa! ECHOCHOchocho!!!!!!!

Horace, those are AMAZING. In a too-strange-to-be-real kind of way.



For the youngins out there...and album was what we geezers used to listen to and play on a "record player" or "turntable". Kinda like a cd but WAY bigger. They also made great frisbees.

*grabs 8-track cassette and hops on the geezer bus*

*jumps up & grabs the extra d from up there and hurts her back*


Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for ....

The Left Turn Signals!

Dave, you and Ridley have the look down.... I don't know what Mitch is doing there, did he hurt HIS back?

(recently came across some 45s, including "She's Not There," and "Liar Liar".... my sister's, I think -- she's way older than I.

It looks like fun in the sun to me.

Who’s reaching out from under the salt spray
Playing guitar that’s lighter than air
Whose charming smile makes kids’ faces just glow
Everyone knows it’s Ridley…

And Barry’s shirts match the sky
They’re always blue—wonder why?
Can he and Mitch sing? They try
At least they’re loud
At least they’re loud

Who’s tripping down the pier at Deerfield Beach
Wearing dark shades that hide twinkling eyes
Who makes us laugh, and maybe sometimes cry
Everyone knows it’s these guys

Well done, Ducky. Thanks for the earwig. Love it.

Horace, why have you been pawing through my old collection of LP's? Did Gene send you?

YAY Duckness!!! I've missed you and your brilliant songs!

Woo hoo Since I'm coming down to visit your lovely Pompano beach area Saturday for the week. I'm just glad to see 2 out of 3 in short sleeves!
I haven't worn mine in weeks!

Great song Duck.

MeThinks Ridley probably had more hair in 1964...

Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for....The Beach Goys!

I've had the privilege of working with Mitch several times in the last two years. Nice man. But for some reason, every time I mention RBR he cringes.


Is our writers learning?

Bravo, Ducky!

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