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November 25, 2009


The comments section is entertaining.

(Thanks to Layzeeboy and Horace LaBadie)


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Next thing you know someone will start a charity for the little terrorists. The "Save the Squirrel Children" fund for canine control.

Photoshopped, am I right?

Bear mums, like squirrel mothers, live to the addage, "don't get between me and my kids!"

Owners now need to check the dog for rabbies - ironic, huh?

Thanks for that boo, too much!

Bernie, is that you?

I bet that albino squirrel would never be up to this. Go grays!

Hahahah Boo!
Very Funny.

Chew toy!

Too funny!
Our dogs chase squirrels up the pine trees and then the clever little critters sit up on a branch chattering, dropping pine cones down on the dogs!

It just proves the old adage, even terrorists have mothers.

Squirrels are terrorists. They torture my two large blonde Afghan Hounds. Then they run up a phone pole or a tree and laugh at us. We are not amused.

Hard to decide which was the meaner bitch.

As a card-carrying Naperville Squirrel, I applaud the efforts of my kindred to protect and defend her idiot offspring ("land on the ground. be et by a hound, sonny"). However, as a dog lover with a Wheaton Terrorist/Terrior at home, I cannot condone biting the face and flanks of the canine in question, as the ankles will do nicely. All I really want to know is, does the squirrel suit I used in these pictures make my ass look big? Love from Bernie.

Bernie, your tail did look kind of fluffy there.

Squirrels stabelize the Universe, if we didn't have all of them, the Universe would explode like an icebomb, because no one would know how to spell. It's the witches who want the Universe to blow up.

I love the look on the dog's face in the last picture. "Did I just get pwned by a squirrel?"

My sister's dog used to be terrorized by the squirrels at the front door. But he couldn't get out that door so he would run through the house to get out the back door. Then he couldn't figure out where the danged squirrels went to. I thought he was a real dimbulb. But my sister said he got everything he wanted (except for those squirrels), so how dumb could he be?

Squeekie toy!

That was great. LOL. You made my day!

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