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November 19, 2009


911 Telecommunicator: “The cow is in your pool?“

Wydareny: “Yes, it fell in my pool.“

911 Telecommunicator: “Is it a small cow or a big cow?“

Wydareny: “No, it’s a big cow. It’s a really big cow.“

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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You mean, "Soon to be a major mooovie," don't you Dave?

Oh! poor cow.

This is why I never invite cows to pool parties.

Same thing happened to my neighbor - only it was a moose.

Who has a pool with no steps? And it there's no fence?

She also could have drained some water to make sure the thing didn't drown.

It's a very moooving story and I'm glad the cow was okay.

In case the cow is really mad after the moving experience.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/australiaandthepacific/papuanewguinea/6603676/Brain-eating-tribe-could-help-find-treatment-for-mad-cow-disease.html was the link I was trying to attach that has my comment make a lot more sense.

We don't swim in your paster, please don't graze in our pool.

That's "pasture". More coffee, please!

Chik-Fil-A cow stunt gone bad...

*Pours coffee in Lairbos' pasture.*

Is that Louis Pasture???

Lairbo's got pasties???

Pass the coffee!

*pours pool-cooled cream in Siouxie and Lairbo's coffee*

Well, I asked for pastries. . .

Maybe the song Louie, Louie is actually about Louis Pasteur?

What's the big deal about a cow in a pool?

Clinton knows Louie, Louie, and his VP was Gore, and Gore invented the interwebs!

Six degrees of stupid?

..freeing the bathing bovine took a sling, wrapped under its legs, and five men from the county’s technical rescue team, pulling really hard.

The men later suffered from cowpool tunnel syndrome.

"What's the cow doing now?"
"Well, it ain't the backstroke..."

gives annie the pun of the day award.

perhaps it thought it was a sea cow.

hey, how about skimming the pool from time to time, huh? That thing is so littered I bet the cow came to graze.

After CG's sea cow comment I was going to make a pun about "We have a winner! Give that manatee shirt!", but I just couldn't.

Maybe the caow was trying to jump over the moon, and and went for the splash landing instead of the smash landing.

Punkin - did that moose bite anyone?

Good for the operator qualifyig whether it was a small or large cow.

Caller: No, she's Grande I tell ya - MOOO-i Grande!!

*ducks out*

Martini - the video said that the cover was on the pool giving the cow the illusion that it was solid ground. I'll bet that some of that stuff is from what was on the cover when the cow went in. And then possibly more leaves blew in the next day.
just sayin'

That would have been an awesome " Leave It To Beaver " episode... if they'd had a pool.

Another episode of Bovines Gone Bad!

"Last week on BGB, we saw Millie stepping out by taking on a flock of sea gulls! My, wasn't that a hoot!? Not to be out done, this week Bonnie decided the neighbor's pool just isn't getting enough use. Little did she expect the ower to be home - HER BAD!"

Don't have a cow, man. In my pool.

This is exactly why cows shouldn't drink. I also wondered why they didn't have any steps in the pool.

Man, Dana Torres has really let herself go.

Skimmed milk?

Good one, Annie.

Her homeowner's insurance will say the cow was drunk and they won't pay. Or it was a pre-existing cow.

Well, it was in the cowpool lane ...

They obviously need to beef up their security.

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