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November 25, 2009


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who notes that "Mysterious Toilet Blockages" would be a very bad name for a rock band)


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usually its the people who have blockages....
happy thanksgiving all. i'm off to nyc for the holiday - no computer....

*waves to welcome queensbee*

"Plane grounded due to loo failure." Not a headline one sees often!

*wonders how The Blog missed that one*

Plumber's snakes on a plane?

Need some kung POW. Come to think of it maybe Vince should hawk KungPOW. "You're gonna love my nuts."

"Mommmm, I can't find my backpack"... "Jesse, what are you doing in there?"

Why am I flashing on Dave's low-flow toilet riff?

Maybe someone was trying to see if the airline toilet could (as Dave put it) suck down a mature sheep.

Man sinned, he became unbalanced. But this?? this is the evolution of the toilet age. There are bounds people.

...people who think this Galaxy is home and the rest of the Universe is the toity

Not that I believe its the other way around!
I think we might be the other sheep in the Bible

The industry will do anything to create profits, so assume the broken toities somehow add to the bottom line. Perhaps they ejected icebombs from the tanks too often mid-flight, but rest assured they will find a way to charge passengers for the experience of going without relief for ten hours.

uh huh, huh? ok

Couscous. It's always the couscous.

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