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November 27, 2009


Do not mess with them.

We're guessing this story has Scottish men re-thinking the whole concept of kilts.

(Thanks to DavCat and Marr Filar)


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IIRC, Maimed Wedding Tackle opened for Flatulent Pig at Woodstock.


Dave, you should have had a MEN DON'T CLICK ON THIS warning for ((MEN DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING!!!))The source added: "His scrotum had been ripped open and his testicles were dangling by his legs. There was blood all over the flat.

I think the "wedding tackle" is still a legal maneuver in rugby.

*Appends new item to list of things to be thankful for*

I'm detecting a disturbing trend in this mornings blog posts.

Why does this story remind me of turkey giblets?

As a half Scottish woman let me be the first to say I would NEVER do this. I am curious how many guys would decline to press charges though if their lady did this to them? Would there be enough of the lady in question left to identify? I'm thankful there were no pictures.

Investigations are ongoing.

I like how he was taken by his wee brother to the hospital for some wedding tackle repair.

*snork* @ "he called his wee brother Darren..."

Um..sorry guys, yeah...this is NOT funny!

Suddenly, ball tapping doesn't sound all that bad.

Traumatized Billy will be this mans new nickname.

"How'd you get the name?"
"Girlfriend tore them off."

I'm guessing he won't be catching any tuna with his wedding tackle for awhile.

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