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November 19, 2009


(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Erg nahka bangol orsh.

My parents spoke only West Virginian to me for the first several years of my life, and really, that's sort of like Klingon...


Mr. Speers answers in his own defense:

NOT a cunning linguist.

Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

No, but it makes my mouth water.

Considering that the kid is now 15, was not exposed to Klingon exclusively those first three years, and the picture is not even a picture of the father, what exactly is the point of the article? To humiliate the father, and worse, the kid?

Answer to Inquiring Mind:


And what's more, IM, we WANT to humiliate a man who would experiment on his own child.

You learn your environment. I know of a guy who didn't find out until he was ten that his name wasn't "Dammit!". That was all his father called him. "Dammit!, come here!" Even his friends thought his name was "Dammit!"
Justice dictates that these fathers learn from the experience of being dropped on their heads, but the evidence suggests that it was done long ago.

Note to parents. Don't experiment on your children! And Inquiring Mind? He deserves all the humiliation and more that we as a caring and concerned blog can give him.

the kid would fit in with these guys,

Note to parents. Don't experiment on your children!

What's wrong with that? How else will we learn??

Most of us couldn't understand whatever language our kids spoke their first three years either.

"Not some gutteral genuflecting concoction..."

I'm not sure what word the reporter of after, here, but I don't think "genuflecting" was the right one.


Have you heard the Bill Cosby routine that begins, "Until I was 3 years old, I thought my name was 'Jesus Christ!'"?

It really wasn't more than "playing" Klingon and probably stretched the young man's mind. Anyway, now he's ready for the invasion.

"Wouldn't it be great if we taught our kids to talk wrong? Like on their first day of school and they have to go to the bathroom. They raise their hand and say, "May I put my dogface in the banana patch?" Steve Martin

True story. A friend's niece was baby-sat for by an elderly Italian women her first few years. You guessed it. She began speaking in broken-english.

He's either a complete idiot or a genius.

What an idiot!
Everyone knows that First Contact will be made by a Vulcan, not a Klingon!

*snork* @ Walter Bishop

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