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November 30, 2009


(Thanks to DavCat and Ralph)


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I get the same way when I eat Goopy food.

Australia - where men are men, and sheep are gaseous.

They should have brought those measuring gizmos to my house on Thanksgiving.

Maybe they could teach the sheep to light their farts.

Of the 200 sheep so far tested, about half produced much more than average while the other half belched considerably less methane.

In a related study, 50% of bears were found to be "smarter than the average bear".


(Key name this Blog will not make fun of)

This just sounds like another shameful, countrywide case of animal blame to me.

If it doesn't come out one end it will come out the other and smell worse.

I can't believe that "less beer" would ever be the answer to any question asked of Dave.

Uh, the carbon "output" volume is going to be related to the input volume. If less carbon dioxide comes directly out of the sheep (or cow) the rest will come out when the... uh, "by-product" is consumed by other organisms (e.g. bacteria). That's just the way it is. The way to get less CO2 is to feed fewer animals less food.

Steve - less beer for the sheep = more beer for the farmer!

Sheep farts don't cause global warming, anymore than Vatican farts caused the medieval warming period.

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