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November 30, 2009


Ever thought about an academic career?

(Thanks to Linda, judi and Jeff Meyerson)


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First to sign up?

Looks like it's time to dust off the ol' resume...
And does this position come w/ a subscription to the 'Sun'?

YAY judi got posted!!!!

Mandatory overtime may not be such a bad thing after all.

As an accredited scientist, I feel my hands-on approach to these studies should win me the grant...

"Research Officer - The rise and regulation of lap dancing and the place of sexual labour and consumption in the night time economy".

Does it get any better than this?

I think not.

the salary is 31,513 (pounds)...

all in singles?

*snork* at insomniac.

The academic ladder just because a pole.

eh, let's try "became"^

Now, how much do I have to pay to do this job, in dollars?

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