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November 28, 2009


Now: A steam iron.

(Thanks to Catherine and Guin)

Another version here.

(Thanks to Bill Ahearn)


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Forgive me, Father, for I have singed.

I think SW just won the thread. =^D

Hard to beat SW. (Bows down, not in a religious way -- more like in an Obama way)

Exactly, Stevie.

Of course, Iron Jesus WBAGNFA Christian RB.

Hey thanks, guys. Nice way to start the day. Gotta get up early to compete with annie. Stiff competition and all.

Happy holiday weekend to everyone.

"Let he who is without wrinkles press the first pleat."

Joe, you've GOT to do something about that boy!

Dang, does this mean I have to get out my iron? Does this mean I have to FIND my iron?

ok Sharkie, you almost beat SW

Do I HAVE an iron?

You can get one at Lord and Tailor, Tash.

Does Ozzy Osbourne know about this?

Stevie?? how 'bout...

"Press me, Father..."

WAITAMINIT!! Iron?? wazzat??

Steve,Siouxie,MS all great. Butt why do I have the feeling someone in SoCal will pounce soon.

It is of course the cool jesus . Wouldn't want anything that might be more like what someone from that part of the world looked like . Then again this is my jesus .

I wonder how many of our younger blog readers are wondering what an iron is? It is the thing I always burn myself with when attempting to press a cotton blouse. If that were really Jesus my burns would heal immediately. My Dad hired a maid one time and I'll never forget the day I went to his house and he was showing her how to turn on an iron and then taught her how to iron a tablecloth. He couldn't believe that someone with 3 children had never ironed. I couldn't believe he ironed his tablecloths.

Oh heck, SW made me GOL. Many *snorks*. Press me father for I have sinned. Ewww, doesn't sound right.

Well, ironing IS a perfect act of contrition. You have to be Catholic to get that one.

Get thee behind, me, satin!

I still don't understand why people make a big deal when priests press the altarboys' vestments.

I thought the "soleplate" looked more like her than Jesus. Although maybe her ex-husband introduced her face to that iron and that's when she first saw Jesus.

Sorry, this handbasket is full. You'll have to catch the next one.

Personally, I think it looks more like the Mona Lisa was getting jealous. It's nice to see she's getting out more.

Update: It was a nine iron, not a steam iron, and it was Mrs. Tiger Woods trying to make Tiger see Jesus.

That's what you get for trying to iron the Shroud.

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