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November 27, 2009


The Ball-Tapping State

(Thanks to DavCat)


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making progress toward idiocracy

I can't believe I laughed at that!

Hoosier daddy?

The candidates are narrowing down fast.


I'm guessing this had something to do with it.

Isn't Ball State's varsity basketball team known as "The Fighting Tappers"?

Some advice for this kid: Cup and karate lessons.

It's only funny until someone loses an...ay-yi-yi!

This goes some distance towards explaining both the Jackson family and the Bayh family.

You've got it, Marvin. The " Idiocracy " is not 500 years in our future. It's already here.

No wonder Edgar Allen Poe was so peeved at that raven.
The rapping was bad enough, but tapping too?

That guy has remarkable forbearance. I was kicked there only once, and it took monumental effort to restain myself from going at the attacker. This guy was kicked twice a week from Elementary School all the way through High, and he never does a thing about it?

*snork at "restain"*

When I was in Jr. High, I moved to a new school where this kind of thing happened. I wasn't aware that it was the social equivalent of getting snapped with a wet towel, and that I was supposed to laugh it off. Three days later, when they let me come back to school, my cousin explained it to me. I felt bad, but it never was a problem for me after that.

Think I'll have a talk with my sons and make sure they understand the proper response to this. A few days suspended from school is a small price to pay for your dignity.

I've never seen a guy get 'tapped' there and laugh it off. I'm with Slighty Askew. Sometimes you have to take a stand. Would it hurt less if you got snapped there with a wet towel? Just curious.

If this were done to girls, everyone would be up in arms about sexual harassment. Bullying, and violence, of a sexual nature is outrageous and this shows how it happens to boys.

Bullying is no joke (although, from the Ball state, ya gotta laugh a little)... The only bright side here, is that the physical results are obvious enough that hopefully victims are believed.

New post, please.


cindy, wet towel snappers usually get you in the rear - much easier target.

I'm with Meanie!

For the guys that have uncrossed their legs, there's this. For the gals, well, really, who cares? ;-)

Holy Damn, C.J.! That's an impressive drink of water! She reminds me of one of my favorite lines from "Arthur".

SUSAN: Arhtur, a real woman could stop you from drinking.
ARTHUR: She'd have to be a real big woman.

So, CJ, I guess you go up on her?

Hung by the Balls.

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