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November 30, 2009


It was a fine Hunt: Beautiful day, nice crowd including genius winners who figured out how to go backward in time and solve the Hunt before we even designed it. Or so it seemed. Here's some video by the Herald's Chuck Fadely. Andy the TropicHunt.com guy promises to have more here, but the last we saw him he was drinking beer in downtown Miami relaxing so it may not be soon. I'll post more links if I figure out where they are.

Thanks to everybody who came out, and especially to the volunteers.

Update: Story by the Herald's Robert Samuels here.


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*Nudges Andy*....
*Jostles Andy*....
*Violently rattles Andy*

Ain't happenin'.

(Congrats to winners and participants)

The stuff will be up tonight. I promise. :)

(For reference, and I'll never live this down, I had a "Dead Guy Ale"...from Oregon. Tasted like I expected. :P ;)

Andy, I'm telling Sharkie!!

Tasted like you expected?? hmmm...I'm tempted to post some crude "I've tasted some dead guys too" remark butt, I'm too much of a lady.

This was another wonderful Hunt, and our group had a lot of fun. I learned just how few degrees of separation I have with Judi, considering that her daughter attended a birthday dinner for one of my good friends during the weekend. Our whole gang enjoyed hanging out with Susy (I'm basing the spelling on your Photobucket password), Jan, Andy, Judi, and others at the Pub (complete with Men in Kilts) the night before the Hunt, and I can personally verify (not that you know who I am) that Susy and Jan easily had the most maddening volunteer position of the entire Hunt. Ask them to recite to you what was replaying every 10 seconds out of a loudspeaker over their heads. Oh, and no rush -- if you ask them 5 years from now I'm sure they'll be able to recite every word of it. Our thanks go out to Dave, Tom, Judi, Susi, Jan, and all the other people that made the Hunt happen and continue to make the Hunt happen...every Hunt helps us maintain our sanity in an otherwise bizarre world.

Thanks, Robert!! I was a pleasure meeting you and your group of crazies!!

You may be right about us being able to recite that "play-by-play" field goal in our dreams. ("...the snap!the hold is down! the kick is up! it's got the distance! could it stay straight?? IT'S GOOD!! IT'S GOOD!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! IT'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!)

*brain twitches*

Butt, was it really good Siouxie? Or just okay?

We were both reciting it after about 10 minutes (about a 15 second clip, repeated every 5 seconds). We weren't worried at all about the CD dying, because we could do it ourselves. And we were there for 3 hours.
"This is it folks. It's come down to this. The teams are lining up, and this will be the longest of the year.."(see Siouxie's post for the rest)

At one point we had two boy kids enacting the scene, all on their own.

We were considering breaking the tape recorder. Lat year, I was temporarily stationed at the "do, a dear, a female dear" etc, and we had to reset the tape recorder every 10 times, or something like that.

Great fun though! Can't wait to come back next year, and best of luck to Robert and team. You should have won.

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