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November 29, 2009


Among the major celebrities here is Romeo.



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Apparently, this is Romeo's big speech. "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? Made you look."

Departing is such tweet sorrow? And where are the bloglits?

Shakespeare updated for our times

HARUMPH. Nary a Naperville Squirrel amongst them. They don't have a prayer.

And here are some Shakespearean insults: http://www.pangloss.com/seidel/Shaker/index.html. I have found these useful with my students. When I want them to say "Huh?"

Romeo, or Superman.

He needs a sword.

Scooper's Insults. New easy to click version!

Wherefore art he?

Looks a bit like FrankenRomeo -

"But soft, what foot thru yonder window breaks..."

Prolly cause Dave told him to be Romeo, Meanie.

Juliet mooning through the window?

I'm not sure what's happening there, but I hope the Bastille commandant chooses to meet with them, and that their demands for release of the prisoners are met.

"But soft....what wind thru yonder doublet breaks?"

Look -- Up in the sky -- It's a bird -- It's a plane -- Yup, it's a bird.

Whew! Siouxie and I were the only bloglits there (besides Andy). I'm sure Andy will be loading the photos tomorrow or maybe tonight.

Romeo was totally looking up Juliet's dress. I'm in the process of loading up the pics on Photobucket so I can send to the s.b. and post here.

Back from the Hunt and I must say it was the usual fun/pandemonium it always is. The after party was great and now Jan and I are chilling with the vino ;P

Stay tuned.


Hunt 2009

password = susy

I had to come back and look at the password again. I thought it said password=easy. An understandable mistake. Only kidding Siouxie. Great pictures.

Excellent job, Siouxie. You and Jan and Andy and judi and The Blog are lookin' real good.

Now I get that Romeo is the dude with the mike on the steps. (Duh!) An opera-themed Hunt - jeez, I'd have been even cluelesser® than normal.

Siouxie! You're all gorgeous! I should have known!


Seriously, in the blog photo I thought he had on a rather tacky jogging suit... Thanks for clearing that up, Siouxie! Great photos and looks like you had a fun, albeit squirrel-free day!

Romeo, that is.


Thank you all It's always a fun event.

When with Romeo, do what Romeo does? Except, forgetting to check for heartbeats.

You guys look great! And happy and fun-loving!
Andy and Dave, et al, it looks like you went all out by throwing in a theater production.
Also cool were the blue shirts.
Thanks for the photos, Siouxie.

Were there no winners?

He speaks, yet he says nothing: what of that? -- William Shakespeare

*Please unbreak*

Fortune smiles not on he who messeth with the bot.

Woe is meanie.


Axually, NSherl...the shirts were purple. Which I loved!!!


Axually, NSherl...the shirts were purple. Which I loved!!!

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