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November 27, 2009


Atlantis glides home with choked pee nozzle

(Thanks to DavCat and Ralph)


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(You've got to be at least 40 to understand this)

Good one, Peter. Those commercials are everywhere!

NASA reckons it's unlikely that further waste dumps will be necessary before the landing. Our initial estimates confirm this hypothesis — barring a major Tang binge during the return journey.

If someone had the bean burrito last night the whole shuttle might have a little tang to it by the time it lands.

I just heard it land. Can't see it from here, but the two booms means it landed from the north, according to my Florida cousins.

A choked pee nozzle sounds terribly painful.

Talk about Mission Control....

Semi-seriously, it's a good thing they were able to land at the first opportunity. There actually is a major last-hours binge — not of Tang but of the astronaut's choice of water or Gatorade-equivalent. It's called "fluid loading" and it's designed to help the astronauts re-acclimate to gravity.

If yours is a deep and burning love, it's past time to check with your Urologist.

"Download a 30 day free trial now." Um, of what?

Looks like it is time for an astronaut to put on one of those rubber gloves and give the shuttle an "examination".

I've put catheters in pee nozzles before. No big deal. What amazed me is how many guys became unchoked as soon as I just showed them the catheter. Big babies.

They should have "gone" before they left.

They should have "gone" before they left.

Won't be needing those special NASA diapers, I suppose.

Attention, HAL. Cleanup on pod 7.

Key quote in the Bootnote:  You'll just have to forgive the use of pounds in our estimates. That's the standard unit of mass used for measuring astronaut urine.

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