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November 28, 2009


It's tomorrow! Info here and here. Get your Miami Herald, read the special Hunt section, and be in downtown Miami at noon. You WILL have fun.


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Anarchy in the F-L-A!

(aka business as usual)

The Sunday paper is available NOW just about everywhere (I even saw a newspaper vending box with the Sunday paper already...).

And I'm on the map again!

YAY!!! Hunt time chaos!!

I am waiting for NotSoShyJan to get here this afternoon and then we'll meet up with Andy and some other crazies at The Pub...for pre-Hunt festivities and MEN IN KILTS!!!!!

(Andy- YAY for you!!!)

I want to come to the Herald Hunt!!! Maybe next year.

I wore mine on Thanksgiving, Siouxie. Did you see?

Ooh! Kilted simul with Cindy!

Good luck to all DB bloglits attending the Herald Hunt! I hope you win.
Siouxie and Scott - Remember, where there are kilts there should be photos.

NS - There are but this isn't *my* blog. :-)

Well then, Scott, we'll try to work it in on some relevant, future thread. Okay?

Title of future thread: Scott's In Kilts!

Good luck at the Hunt tomorrow, all you lucky folks there in Myjammie!

Good luck tomorrow, everyone. I'd say more, but I don't want to give away the ending.*

*(butt if you must know, the Yankees win.)

The USC Trojans also win, Annie!

Ducky - so you're confirming what I always suspected: It *is* all about me. :-D

Herald Hunt promo on the top of paper. But Herald Hunt special section is no where to be found. Final Edition Sunday Paper delivered to home. The hardest part of the hunt may be finding the hunt section itself.

Good luck,all!!

Jan and I are getting ready to go!!! Will be posting pics on FB!!!

It's a gorgeous day here in Miami!!! (miss ya crossgirl, ddd, Med & CJ)

Go Siouxie and Jan!

Go Sioux and Jan, please do not humiliate us make us proud!

Woo hoo, whoever is going, and whatever it is you're doing!!!

I read that as " head hunt " and there's no way I'm going to be there.

well dave certainly dumbed it down. if having HUNDREDS of people running to the bricks and realizing they were already too late because DOZENS of other people already had called in without even needing the 3 pm clue, then he acheived his goal.
last year was the way it should be. hard enuf to weed out the pack and easy enough to get solved by 3:20. i live for the hunt but this year was ridiculous.
make the 5 attainable, fine, but the endgame an endgame or insanity will rein.

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