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November 19, 2009


The Law and Order State

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Y'know, I heard they took their grass seriously in Jupiter.

If the fine doesn't work....

Yup........get out the waterboard!

But...c'mon, Man...it has to grow to a good length before you can cut it and roll it!

Besides, $1000 a day wouldn't begin to cover my habit.

Sounds like a lawyer's full employment statute.


There are signs in some Florida towns that politicians are finding out that Floridians are also voters.

I didn't think they had grass on Jupiter.

What explains my Neighbor's lime green grass in ND??

If there was ever a town to enforce such a law, it would be here...

Best comment, "If a robber breaks into your house, how much could he steal? I bet he couldn't grab $1000."

Pave it and paint it green.

The Jupiter Lawn Gestapo WBAGNFAPunkB

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