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November 25, 2009


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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And Nancy Reagan just hangs her head and cries.

So much for the "personality altering" charactoristic of it. He's either perminantly altered, or it's been bred out of the medical varient.

Finally, an explanation of the stock market that makes sense.

Doesn't get high?? Driving? Heavy Machinery? Must be cut. He's keeping the oregano growers in business, too.

makes you wonder at two joints for breakfast. either his pain is so high that it's cancelling out his buzz or he's got some placebo grass. or perhaps, he never inhaled.

That explains my broker . . .

Woah, Dude. Bone pain...that's the worst, man.... I think it's even worse than nerve pain, and I went through a lot of nerve pain. Glad he can find relief, and can stay away from Taco Bell. Maybe he makes some real "creative investments."

I don't think I trust his accounting skills. Does he even know what century it is?

The only reason he thinks he's not stoned is because he doesn't know what "not stoned" feels like anymore.

He thinks life is a bus, or a bust. (Which really, so do all who are born here.)

Really, life is a boat

He smokes 2 joints in the morning
He smokes 2 joints at night
He smokes 2 joints in the afternoon
It makes him feel alright
He smokes 2 joints in times of peace
And 2 in times of war
He smokes 2 joints after he smokes 2 joints
And then he smokes 2 more

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