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November 23, 2009


(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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(not THAT Clinton) . . .

I really don't want to hear about her mounting a duck...unless there is video, of course.


I assume those were Royal Canadian Mounted Fish.

Crappies? They're worth WHAT?

I did not mount that fish.

Mounted animals are just creepy. On another note, the second article had a woman who was drinking and raised a knife towards a policeman. She was later released and told not to return home that night.
Drunk with a knife, wandering around town in the middle of the night. Sounds like an adventure. Or "Halloween".

"Formally known as taxidermy". One gets the idea the reporter learned a new word.

"No, not 'taxi-derby'. There's not a bunch of cabbies crashing into each other. 'Taxi-der-mee.' Say it with me slowly."

what a meal...honey, I'm STUFFED!!

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