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November 27, 2009


The good news: He's very attentive. The bad news: He will attempt to mate with your leg.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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And that "BP" on his shirt? That stands for Bites People.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

You know how you get bored with the eating and sitting around, when visiting family? Well, I did some chainsaw work, plus I'm cleaning up my Mom's computer, which is slow as crap, for a brand new machine, and probably isn't helped by the fact that I have (so far) found THIRTEEN copies of each picture in her My Pictures folder. Anyway, I'm being productive.

My brother, on the other hand, spent all afternoon/early evening raking leaves, yesterday. He's asleep now. When he finally gets out of bed, would it be cruel of me to suggest that he look out the window? Where all the leaves are? All over the ground and the driveway?

These moral questions trouble me.

Doug looks good in his blue shirt but I think he needs a hairnet.

On second look, I think that shirt is black. That won't do.

Wardrobe, we need a costume change.

Would you like fleas with that?

Call ATF -- he's not old enough to sell cigarettes.

Cody lost his previous job as a WalMart greeter because his "greeting" customers in the crotch was deemed inappropriate.

Yet another Canadian taking a job from us hard-working Americans.

" May I hump... I mean... help you ? "

Always wondered where my ex was.

A dog selling cigarettes? That's just not right. Somebody call PETA.

If BP stands for bites people that may actually come in handy sometime.

"Ok, the shoplifter is described as a 'R-ort, R-ubby, R-eth R-oking R-ooking R-astard.'"

"Anyone up for some poker?"

No beer for you bitch.

"Restroom? Sorry. But there's a fire hydrant on the corner."

Does he get paid? With anything other than Milkbones?

Remember our policy: No shirt, no shoes, no service.

Key Swedish Donald Duck question:  Does he wear pants?

Very cool dog! Hilarious!

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