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November 24, 2009



(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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OK, three of my neighbors, two coworkers and myself in 1979.

They caught the eyes perfectly. Impressive talent.

Bernard, where are your ears?

My favorite remains the Robbie Coltrane one.

How many people have a grid on their face? It wouldn't be that hard to figure out.

My ears? They're with my squirrel suit. I hold them on with the waistband of an old pair of pantyhose. So nothing has changed since 1979, really.

The reason so many people hate to have their pictures taken is that the pictures look so much like them.

This gives my students confidence: SOMEbody is a worse "draw-er" than they are, and yet, effective.

i'm going to nyc tomorrow - i check if he's there...

Here he is! I found him!

and DAMN, he's one mean-looking son of a bitch...!

The lack of a unibrow was a dead give-away.

Is he single?? cindy wants to know. She's got a thing for those sketchy types.

That looks suspiciously like a toupee to me...I bet this is a disguise!

Oops. Nope, I was wrong in my previous post. Here's the offender:

Siouxie, I do like the 'bad boy' type but he's just a little too one dimensional for me. He kind of reminds me of this guy.

No thanks Siouxie. But does anybody else think he looks a little like this guy?

Kicks bot repeatedly. Dumb bot.

I saw this guy last week! He was making balloon animals at a local wings place - but his nose was rounder.

Somebody sprayed him with "Erase-a-Face".
What IS "Erase-a-Face" you may ask?

Dunno. I just made it up.

So Curly and Larry escaped ?

My thoughts exactly Clank. Here is the mug shot

From man to Mars, no, I mean lines. It all drinks like something we heard of (I hope)

Okay, it goes like this, God makes man, and he screws up eating from the Tree and then his life is something like making SunTea, only some of us are putting way too much emphasis on the Tea instead of the Sun, and we all know the Sun likes its Tea good.

There's nothing like the secure feeling of having a roof over your head.

Update: Using that amazingly detailed drawing, they caught the guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqIF9SFHj8E&feature=related

Every time I see a police sketch I think, "Well, now I know what he doesn't look like." I've never seen one that remotely resembled the actual suspect. This one is about as good as any others I've ever seen.

It won't hold up, Moe. No matter how much they try to hide it, that dude has ears.

He is also unarmed.

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