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November 27, 2009


Consider fish.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Oddly enough, the Urban Dictionary defines "nipple fish" an a very ugly woman. [True]

In 2001 she organized a topless protest in Austin, demanding the police recognize citizen's rights to go topless.

How can you NOT love a great civil libertarian like her?

(But where are the pictures?)

Careful leaning over to feed the piranha.

Tanks for the mammaries.

Now that's fresh water.

[ Comment deleted for tasteless blowfish reference ]

Hope she doesn't get busted. Or run out of algae suckers.

Notices that only the male bloggers have responded to this... *SMACKS* above male bloggers for tasteless remarks. Especially Jeff who wanted pictures and sharkie, send me the blowfish remark and I'll let you know if it was tasteless or not.

If you have to ask Cindy then you already know.

Smells fishy, but the view is nice.

Imagining her cleaning the fish tanks makes me think of Cool Hand Luke.

Notice -- brought to you by the good folks at Wood TV. (Is that a pay channel?)

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