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November 30, 2009


Now on sale at the lowest price ever.


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NOT gonna look!

Some Holiday traditions still give me goosebumps.

This one gives me the willies.

*gets in line for the eye bleach*

I'd rather take the coal.

I hate you, Dave Barry!

Barry "Who's last name shall never be pronounced" was playing at the Vegas Hilton when I was there a few weeks ago.

I stayed FAR away from that place!

I thought Dave liked us.....*sob*

Are they still selling it at $4.99? Even that's too much. It should be free.

It's now at the low, low price of $2.00! But we can't do this all day! Call in your order now and you'll receive a second calendar free. You just pay shipping and handling.
I'm watching entirely too much T.V. I still love you Dave. I'm just very disappointed.

SQUEE! Thanks, Dave!! :D :D :D :D

A 2005 calendar will be accurate in the year 2011 (and 2022).

Ha - can't Manilow me!

evil. pure evil.
and they should charge lots for it. if it's cheap, it could be given away, sneaked into the mail. nononono.
now dave, you sit down and write "i will not post [you know who's] picture on my blog," 250 times.

got me again. d'oh!

A very good friend of Clive Harrison.

You merry prankster you.

Kibby, wasn't that you in the front row?

That was just plain......cruel.

I feel dirty and ashamed.

And I'll have nightmares, too.


( Thud )

Dave's been reading too many of my comments.

I didn't get caught this year.


Why'd ya gotta do me like that?

:: cursor hovers over link ::

HA! He didn't catch ME! The Slithery Dee...

After having seen Mr. Manilow in concert at least 20 times, I must tell all the guys out there: It is a wonderful way to meet single women! Trust me, his songs "work".

You tell 'em, PirateBoy. I can testify from personal experience to the many ways his songs "work." So mock all you want, for me Barry is money in the bed...er, bank.

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