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November 25, 2009


I was especially amused by this.

(Thanks to judi)


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Dave, you're flying today? Today? Black Wednesday (or whatever)?

Good luck, dude.

It was nice knowing you Dave. Hopefully you'll resurface sometime around next Wednesday.

Yes, reason is always a good defense.

We'll go to the museums in DC tomorrow, which are open on Turkey Day. And at each one, the guards will let men in bulky overcoats stroll in, but search women's handbags and especially those knapsacks women who have kids in tow are carrying. The slow line will feature guards plowing through extra Pampers, etc. It would be funnier if our tax dollars weren't being wasted.

geesh, dave. don't you realize that orange juice has a very high acid content?

If you have ever seen the Dark Side of a Soccer Mom, you would know why the world needs to be protected from them

Dave, check yourself in as luggage and put your luggage into your seat. You'll double your chances of getting home on time!

And if you're leaving Vegas, that last row of slot machines in the departure area OWE ME BIG!!! please collect? thanks!

Dave, did they let you on with your two-liter Diet Coke and double roll of Mentos?

Sounds like you're diving into the Holiday travel pilgrimage Dave, so remember these few tips:

1. Go before you leave home.
2. BYOS (snacks, less than 3oz, of course!)
3. Expect to stand in long lines.
4. Expect to arrive late.
5. Expect to vow to never travel again.
6. Remember that most people actually are fairly nice deep down, they just turn into raving maniacs during the holidays.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Dave, judi, and all the bloginistas who make this such a wacky place!


At least you stand a good chance of getting out of Florida. My chances of getting in at around 6 p.m. don't look so good.

Thanks for reminding me to leave my OJ curbside.

Happy Thanksgiving Dave, judi, and all. > mwah! <

Don't forget to wear socks with no holes in them.

Happy Thanksgiblets, everyone.

Regarding TSA: If I can't easily drive there...I figure I don't really need to go there.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Travel comics slideshow

Happy Thanksgiving, Dave, judi, Walter & all you wonderful bloglits. You're high on the list of what I'm thankful for this year.

It's a darn good thing blue shirts aren't banned by the TSA.

over the scanner and through the x-ray
to run to our flight we go
there's really no way to speed t.s.a
as inwardly you groan
just plop down your baggies of all the stuff
you carry on your way
just stay single-file (and never shout "heil!")
you'll be home by xmas day!

onto the airplane and into your seat
the real fun begins!
if you're not in first class, there's no
space for your a$$
your ankles, thighs, or shins!
the passengers look like the ones from
'con air', 'cept not as clean or bright.
they smell and they're peeved
but come new year's eve
they'll start to look alright!

Great ones, MOTW. Dave, if you don't have enough clean underwear to get there.... probably no one else does, either. Hope to hear from you again. Tash

And to all you lovely bloglits, have a save and loving weekend. I am grateful for YOU.

Oops, safe... ruined that moment....

Monroe tried explaining the cartoon on the Homeland Security blog. They never understood his point.

Last year, I was especially thankful for electricity, having spent nine days post-Ike without it.

Nothing against folks in agriculture, but I got really sick of livin' like a farmer.

This year I guess I'm thankful I'm still employed and everyone's healthy.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Dave Barry Bloglits, who taught me the meaning of the word 'snork'.
I'm thankful that you bring laughter to my life.

(Insom, up there, is a prime example.)

Make sure you don't fly Oceanic. Just sayin'...

water a scary preview? Only if you are not drinking it.

Is Lucy coming with you?

I'm thankful I won't be eating Thanksgiving alone!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. And thank you all for the daily smiles and SNORKs.

Happy Thanksgiving to Dave, judi and all your crazy people that bring joy to my boring lack of life. For that and all the naked men posts other blessings in my life, I am thankful.

Not everyone shares your passion for naked men, Siouxie...

with or without the gold componant?

If anyone is flying into Detroit Metro, beware, there will be clowns roaming the airport.

Um, no, Trillian, I believe Kwame's already flown back to Texas...

Bravo Insomniac!! Loud applause from me in N.C. I'm thankful for everyone on the blog and men in kilts. The farthest I will be traveling is to my Dad's where I will get to watch him and my brother fight over the best way to cook a turkey. They are both Paula Dean wannabes. I'll stay in the den with a nice glass of wine and watch the parades.

Happy Thaksgiving to all. I've already started on the turkey but we'll be cooking our own tomorrow.

And for those of you having big family dinners...good luck!

Remember, stress kills.


Thanks for the luck, turns out I'll be spending the whole day with lots of strangers. Wish I had a bag of California dates!!

Why did the take the o.j. away from the little old lady? I could understand knitting needles. She could have knitted an Afghan. Think about it.

If ya takes away their vitamin C, they gets scurvy. Arrrr !

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