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November 19, 2009


The Eggo Crisis

(Thanks to The Perts and jon harris)


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I suspect Aunt Jemima.

I really did notice this, but I just thought the grocery store was lame.


Isn't this a major plot point in that new movie 2012?

Yep. My store has had a sign in place for a couple of weeks that they are "working to resolve the shortage".

Only 7/10 of a mile to Waffle House...

I dunno Horace, seems more like Jack's work to me. Or maybe the Vermont Mafia is to blame.

I have advised Dr Mr Poo.....he is en route to Stop-n-Shop with a huge cart and an Uzi.

What about mini eggos??

*grabs machete*

I was here an hour ago and couldn't post on any of the threads.

I blame Mrs. Butterworth.

I never trusted that b!tch.

Jeff, I locked the door ;-0

Mmmmm, Waffle House.

It is amazing how many disgusting acts are named waffle something in the Urban Dictionary - some actually using waffles as sexual aids.

Let them eat pancakes

This could have serious relationship effects: are you Eggo-worthy?

*blames Al Gore*

.. guess folks will have to resort to the "old fashioned way", make them! What a bummer man.

Calm down everybody. Ebay has them. But, you're gonna pay!

Congressional hearings are definitely in order. Could be the French Toast Cartel or the IHOP Conspiracy are flexing their muscles. There's a Gene Hackman movie in it.

I blame sabotage by Belgians seeking to inflate world prices.

"Belgian Waffle Cartel" WBAGNFARB.

You can make waffles? At HOME?????

With what wonderful waffle wonder?

I keep burning my fingers trying to poke those little squares into my cooking pancake batter.

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