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November 30, 2009


Woman rams house with burning truck

(Thanks to Gregg Geil)


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I like it when the old traditions are upheld.

That's so sweet, she's still got warm feelings for the guy.

OK, who left the toilet seat down?

I thought it was going to be from Arkansas. Britain becomes more and more 'trailer-ish' every day. The revolution is complete.

She's " being evaluated..." ? What do they do... throw raw meat in her cage and see what happens ?

I got yer hunka hunka burnin' love right HERE, Mr!

This ALMOST makes my ex-in-laws seem classy.

Loudmouth: It's in Illinois USA, not Britain. But not very far from Arkansas.

"a man inside the home who is a relative of the homeowner came outside and pulled the woman to safety from the locked cab as the vehicle began burning"

Did he use a golf club to break the window?

Is that better than housing a burning ram in a truck?

Oops, I saw Telegraph and Brighton and figured otherwise. Someone doesn't know their hit etiquette. In Illinois the proper form is to get the beau into the truck with a ton or so of concrete then into a river.

I live in Illinois. Proper etiquette is to set fire to the former beloved, THEN immerse him in concrete in the bed of the pickup and push the whole shebang into the river. If there are kids involved you can opt to put a clown nose on him. This tootsie has no class.

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