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October 20, 2009


The Sun can make a story out of anything.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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"Yobbish Starlings" WBAGNFARB

That is not a chipmunk. It's a ground hog, or a gopher.

"Gopher Bullies" WBAGNFARB.

we should notify the marines. definitely. these birds could migrate, and well, we'd have a problem. in fact, maybe we should raise the terror level, and notify homeland security, and...

Really? I don't have enough to worry about?

*goes for 5th cup of coffee....and a bazooka....don't ask*

Sour grapes, Dave. If YOU had found this picture, you would have put it on Page One and headlined it "PLUCKY CROWS JOIN ANTI-TERROR COALITION"

I really was expecting this to be Squirrelized by now...

Anybody else notice the 70 stone guy in the side story? 70 stones? I'm going to start giving my weight in stones. When I read it I thought, " 70 stone doesn't sound so bad until I realized that's 980 lbs." Wow.

That's a prairie dog not a chipmunk. I am surprised The Sun wouldn't use that to effect: : "Little mob on the prairie" or "Dog nuts attacked by starlings". They're slipping....

It's obviously not a chipmunk, too small for a woodchuck/groundhog, and the head shape is wrong for a pocket gopher. As Steve says, it's a Prairie Dog. More here.

This has been another definitive rodent identification on this blog from your resident wildlife biologist. Sciuromorpha of the world, unite!

Ahma comin' fer ya!

Before field trips we would wait in the parking lot and throw stones at starlings. The ornithology prof offered an A to anyone who hit one.

You guys don't understand. The prairie dogs are working for the squirrels. They're in charge of boot camp for the bird battalion. This one's using Skinnerian reinforcement (paying for proper pestering behavior with nuts) to train his recruits.

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