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October 27, 2009


It was a "dark-colored vehicle." Nothing about evil figures on the sides or anything.

(Thanks to  Ralph K.)


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judi! How can you even think that! Surely Dave and Ridley have better aim.

Not that I'm suggesting they'd ever do anything of the sort.

Well i for one am disgusted at this racial profiling of automobiles. Just because a vehicle is "Dark colored" does not automatically make it "Suspicious".

Something blew its wad on Condom Avenue?

Hey lady, you want fries with that?

Nope, nothing suspicious about a dark minivan covered in evil spirits, being driven by two adults dressed as pirates. Nothing suspicious at all.

In honor of Sharkie...

Before it was launched, they were heard to have shouted, "Here lady, This Spud's for you!!"

The frozen spud had little plastic eyes, nose and mouth and asked for an electric blanket

geez, everything in buffalo is frozen.

The perps were probably hunting for wings, and mistook her for a boneless buffalo.

How do they know it was a potato cannon? what if it was a tomato cannon that was being mis-used? Or a regular cannon?

This sounds like profiling....

Canon in Deed

Maybe Dave and Ridley were doing research for a new book and wanted to know how far Captain Hook's ship's cannon would shoot a potato. I'm sure it was all done in the sake of serious scentific research, just like the pop tart toaster experiment.

When potato guns are outlawed....


The way things are going, strumpeting may soon be outlawed.

*hums* Moonshine! - American moonshine ...

I believe they used the Acme Frozen Potato Launcher 5000, TPCC. No harm, no foul.

This sounds half-baked.

And how do they know it was a car? Could've been a horse, and the perps just scalloped off.

Frozen Spud, Frozen Spud flying through the glen.
Frozen Spud, Frozen Spud with his band of men.

Now if it had been a frozen wienermobile, we'd be SURE who did it.

Maybe Spuds Mackenzie is trying for a comeback?

I think I saw a clip about this on YouTuber.

YFNRW! That was great!!
A fantastic sound clip from a great movie!
The Yanks did have good moonshine, didn't they?!

*snork* @ mtb!

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