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October 27, 2009


Sword west chester southernbelle and son 

Ridley, sthnbelle, son of sthnbelle, and The Blog

 Sword west chester tinker bell

(Ridley, Tinker Bell and Dave)


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Nice shirt Dave.

It's sthnbelle, not that anyone is counting.... Yay 'belle!

*green with envy*
'belle is FRONT PAGE NEWS ! W00T !
Y'all look great !

Were you guys drinking? 'Cuz you're all kinda blurry.

Other than that - alright, S'Belle and S-Dude!

And ..... go, Tink!

Er, that didn't come out right....

It's always nice to see some of our bloglits. Thanks for the photos. You all look very happy.

*wonders if Dave and Ridley are driving the swordmobile all the way to California.*

*WAVES @ Sbelle, little Sdude and Tink!!!*

Looking good peeps!! (And Dave & Ridley)

YAY, Belle! And to think that I can say I knew you when...

Son of Sthnbelle WBAGNFAHalloween movie.

I must say we bloggers and our offspring are a good looking group aren't we?

I sent judi a bunch more, but I'm sure the pics are the same from all of the events (except for Tinkerbell and the boy and me)

Is there even going to be a SoFla strump-stop? Or are we simply regarded as a bunch of lemmings who purchase books from any writers here and do not require the sales technique?


Cool pics! The Blog seems actually friendly! We'll see next week... no swordmobile at my charming neighborhood independent bookstore -- I'll have to drive the Tashmobile halfway to South Dakota -- some posh suburban store.

Son of sthnbelle is The Boy. Not that anyone is counting.....
Sharkie, you get to go to the Big Mouse in Orlando Nov 13-14 to see Dave. I am trying to get there Nov 14. Plus the Hunt at the end of November..

well, he also missed the one we were all at last week! :)

That's what I was "um...Sharkie-ing" about, judi!

Dave and Ridley, with Bell(e)s on!

Sharkie --
Get to O'Hare. Follow the signs on I-190 E to I-294 South ("To Indiana" sounds wrong, but is correct). Exit at I-88 West. Go to Naperville Road Exit, going south on Naperville Road. At Ogden Avenue, turn right. Pass a whole bunch of closed businesses and taudry clubs to Washington. Turn left. You'll pass a closed Blockbuster. Cross under the railroad tracks to Jefferson Street. Turn right on Jefferson to 123 West Jefferson on the right.

We'll see you there.

great pic, belle, tink!!

see, jan, that's the problem. we shouldn't have to endure disney just to be strumpeted.

Well, I did send judi more pics, but the message bounced as being too big. I'll try again with less of them.

Nice outfits, ladies (and sthnbelle, jr.). Way to represent the blog[gers]!

sbelle, I saw the ones on FB!!

Maybe their faces are blurred to protect the innocent. Or to hide the wrinkles in Dave's shirt. It actually improves Ridley's appearance for some reason ... > wink <

I feel a great disturbance in the Force. It's as if the Blog is in the neighborhood and thousands (hundreds? dozens? Judi's?)of voices are crying out for literature.

Yay, Siouxie! I had my good camera with me so I could get a nice picture of the boy and Ridley - the boy just did a book report project on Kingdom Keepers II, and Ridley was glad to sign it and pose for us - the picture will be posted in the middle of the project, along with Ridley's sig!

Were you guys drinking? 'Cuz you're all kinda blurry.

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | October 27, 2009 at 07:19 PM

Blue, I generally find that it's the one who SEES the blur who's been drinking. ;-)

How COOL is that??? I'm betting the rest of the kids will be SOOOOOOOOOO jealous! Ridley IS awesome and such a brilliant writer. I keep bugging him about writing another "Boldt" novel. Says he's "working on it" (whatever that means).

PS - *waves @ Belle and The Boy*

Huh. A Belle and Her Boy WBAGNFA Kids' Book.

or a naughty romance novel

"or a naughty romance novel"

Or even a bosom-heaving, bodice-ripping book.

Diva - whoever's drinking has company.

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