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October 22, 2009


(Thanks to cdelorey)


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They arrested Dr. Jekyll for a misdemeanor open test tube charge.

Harvey Dent?

Damn, I hate it when I forget to shave, too.

Idiot. everybody knows you shave the LEFT side!! Totally 70's look here.

Hmmm, he looks kinda like Jesus and kinda like Topher Grace.

Reminds me of the time I decided to shave off my beard and the water pump died halfway through the job.
I had a beard for 25 years, so long that I forgot why I grew it. So I shaved and remembered.

Why did he stop at the hairline?


I bet he was gonna be the SHE/MALE for Halloween.

I agree. He shoulda shaved his head too. Amateur.

And his eyebrows.

Steve. I also wore a beard a long time. I shaved for the first time in many years, and my own MOM said I was ugly! Definite sigh you may be. I finally decided to accept my ugliness and move on with my pathetic, socially shunned life.

Alopecic werewolf?

(Um, jazzie, . . he did shave the left side.)

"Doh! I knew I forgot something!"

I figured it out. This guy does a Kenny Loggins tribute act! For the "young Kenny" part he keeps his clean shaven side to the audience, then in the "older Kenny" part he turns the other way!


ArtistFormerlyKnownAsSherly, you forgot the "WBAGNFARB."

oops. I turned my computer around, and you are right!

An ostentatious, yet only partial, sort-of-outrageous almost-statement of conflict-ridden semi-defiant individuality.

*crosses street to avoid further contact*

Elvis has left the building....

Does that mean he's a right brain guy? Those distinctions always confuse me.

Years ago, I went into work shaved like this on April Fools Day. My work colleagues said, "That's nothing! Before you, there was a man who came in one day with his beard half-shaved on one side and his mustache half-shaved on the other!"

Never patronize a one armed barber.

He's thinking about becoming a moslem.

"OK people, we have the cameras reset and the lighting has been adjusted - let's finish this razor blade commercial. Hey, where the hell is Salvatore?!?!"

Sometimes you feel like a nut.....

Meh...I saw this guy on my pork chop last night.

He'd better be single. Because if his wife has the same idea ......

But Meanie, wimmens don't HAVE beards. Whatever could you mean?

* blink blink *

Diva wants to know if he's single.

Hey, Jazzzz. I had a beard when I met my wife. We dated for 2 1/2 years before I shaved. I didn't tell her I was going to do it. She walked right by me without a trace of recognition.
That's when I made a great discovery for a young man; no one was really staring at me when I entered a room. It was very liberating.

Maybe he just shaves in the car using the rearview mirror, at night. Doesn't see the other side.

"Some kind of a nut"


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