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October 23, 2009


(Thanks to nursecindy and Jeff Meyerson)


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Dozing for Dollars

You beat me to it, cindy.

The pilots reportedly told the Federal Aviation Administration that they lost track of where they were during a "heated discussion" over airline policy. However, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has said that it will investigate the possibility that the pilots fell asleep on the job.

"Well Bob, I think the FAA needs to change the runway patterns at Newark."

"You're wrong, Ted, it's O'Hare that needs the change."

Yeah, much more likely.

And Dave, if they overran Minneapolis flying from San Diego, wouldn't they have been in Canada? I hope everyone had their passports.

Why do these types of stories always seem to involve Northwest Airlines??? It's really too bad because I fly them to Minneapolis/St Paul on a fairly regular basis and have never had a problem with them...they always seem to run a very tight operation at MSP. Of course, I am expecting that to change now that Delta has bought Northwest, but that's another story.

Is there a Florida pilot's license?

"on behalf on northwest airlines, we would like to wish you a pleasant trip to wherever we've taken you."

and this, ladies and germs, is why i just wont get in one of those aero-planes.

I'm gonna poach one of the comments from the website: Do the passengers get frequent flyer miles for the extra 300 miles?

On the same approach, about 10 miles south of Nashville is a private airport with a runway long enough for commercial passenger jets. Since 1986, there's been a least one and possibly two incidents of a near-landing there by commerical flights bound for BNA.

"Guess we must have taken a wrong turn at Alberquerque."

Given post-9/11 security procedures, if those pilots really did fall asleep in the cockpit they're lucky their wake-up call wasn't delivered by the USAF.

I'm thinking there's another investigation going on at both the FAA and the Pentagon right now, to see who else might have been sleeping on the job...

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines.

--Steve McCroskey

I am so lost. Where the heck is Innsbruck, Austria?>

Another case of a man refusing to stop and ask for directions.

Wellll, we ARE known as Flyover Country.... I mean, were they s'posed to count the cornfields?

They admitted now they were having a "strong disagreement" Jeez it's like riding in the back seat while your parents fight up front. Except apparently these passengers didn't notice they had flown right by their city.

They were on the wrong vector.

Would you rather I called you Victor?

Blame it on the autopilot. He was ...busy.

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