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October 21, 2009


This never happens at the Herald.

(Thanks to billinbossier)


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Advice taken, I am not opening it at work, I might not even open it at home tonight.

Damn those blurry squares!!!

If that's what shows up naked, I'll stick with the job I have. (I just hope my job sticks with me.)

People in Europe sure do go out in public nekkid a lot.

I hear that this is fairly common at the New York Post. So you might only have to change cities.

Police: "Aww, please, fellas, give yourselves up! Despite high-quality photos, security footage, and the YouTube video, we have no clue who you are!"

Judi, look around at several co-workers. Now, do you really want to see some of them dancing around the office without their clothes on?

Damnit. I must remember to change the firewall settings to allow porn adult content.

CCTV captured the bizarre incident and cops have warned the men they face a dressing down if they are identified.

But they were already naked!

Wait, those naked people are all GUYS! Who's responsible for posting this!?

Oh, JUDI posted it. Never mind.

I looked, but for investigative purposes only.
But dammit....where's the neked wiminz??

BTW, in addition to being dressed down, will they be stripped of their right to bare arms?

Whenever this sort of thing happens I wonder: Why don't the "offended" women just point and giggle?

Wait, that's Brian, Jason and Dean who sit behind us at Bears games. Didn't know they were in the UK! Hope they send a postcard. Or a mug shot.

Nicely done, pad. :)

wiredog - BINGO.

i do not, repeat - do not want to see any of the people here in this awfiss nekked. then i'd have to wash my eyes.

Next time you guys plan a prank you might want to consider some contingencies, such as security cameras - and the world-wide-web.

The age-old question: why did they cover their privates instead of their faces? One more--how did they think they were going to pay for the magazines?
The article also says there was no one else in the store; I think that would be news to the 2 men that walked in near the end of the tape!

The Clerk Always Asks: " Did you have gas, sir ? "

To answer how they were going to pay, they were going to pull the money out of their a##e#, of course.

They should have come in around clothing time.


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