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October 22, 2009


(Thanks to Nathan Graff)


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But can you get them going in opposite directions?

I had to pump at work - and honestly?! This'd been aweeeeesome!! :D

Weird? No. But at work while in front of my computer....I don't think so.

OK - bonanza Thursday it is ! I almost lost my mind giggling @ the snuggie sutra (try explaining *that* at work), then the "skullet" and now this !!
Thanks, Dave - since the economic downturn, this is now my Friday, with the ensuing pay cut, so any bit of laughter is MORE than welcome !!!

Expect to see them in use at trendy restaurants soon!

" Your call is important to us. Please hold for the next available breast. "

Oh man. Why didn't they come up with this when *I* was breastfeeding??? I used one of those GIGANTIMOUS hospital-type pumps and that was a bitch to schlep around.

Some of the blog guys are being surprisingly quiet. I had to pump also at work but I quit when someone kept stealing my little bag out of the refrigerator. I cannot understand why they would want a paperbag with breast milk in it. I would never have used something like this however. For some reason I have the urge to say Mooooooooooo!

Really, really creepy.

How's that for a comment, cindy?

Maybe the people at work were using your milk in their coffee?


"Now Monica before we decide if you are right as our spokesmodel, your resume' says you have done modeling involving phones, computer use, and multi-tasking. Impressive. now, let's take a look at your portfolio and see what . . . oh my, well then. We'll be in touch if we're interested."

I sure hope not Jeff although it would have served them right. I had a big label on the bag and even had it double bagged and everything. There are weird people in the world.

I needed this in 1980.. but had they come up with it then, nooooooo....


I've had this thing running on me for hours. So far, I've got nothing! Must be defective.

BTW, the instruction manual? It sucks.

Sorry, the milk of human kindness....

Madonna owns five.

I WANT ONE!! single cup will e fine.

or be

I've worked at a dairy farm... I now work in an office where there is almost constantly a new mother, so we have set aside a small conference room for them to use. It never occurred to me that "e'er the twain shall meet..." Now, I worry about walking past said conference room and hearing, "THHWWWUUURRRPPP, (chunka, chunka, chunka), THHWWWUUURRRPPP..."

Latte, anyone? (NSFW)

Darigold is highly interested.

Okay, call me a spoil sport, but we had a kid that had breast feeding problems, and we got the best breast pump on the market to solve the problem. And frankly, it was the best $200 we ever spent.

Last year my neighbor had a tupperware party with margaritas that were excellent, which was the idea, so that you'd order tons of bizarre salad spinners and other innocuous plastic crud. When my hangover passed and my order arrived weeks later, I had no idea what it was. Until now.

I thought it was something for Mardi Gras.

So that's why they gave frozen-chicken-head woman a vacuum cleaner. They were fresh out of these.

I had five kids and nursed them all. I hated expressing milk and worrying about storing it safely, so I just brought the kid with me, as the whole issue really was THEIR problem anyhow. Nursing is 1/2 nutrition and 1/2 snuggling.

New flavors this month at Starbucks:

The Mommy Mocha
The Leaking Latte
The Fresh Drip of the Day
The Easy Expression Espresso

"Would you like a double pump with your order?"

there's a nationwide gang of people who steal stuff from office refrigerators.

Foreplay accessory to Woody Allen's orgasmatron.


The gang is part of La familia and, hopefully, after the FBI crackdown, our office refrigerators will be safe.

I'm sorry. Not sharp this morning. All I could think of was the resemblance to S&M stuff. Mondo nipple clamps.

It reminds me of "The Machine" from The Princess Bride.

Nice, the website includes a handy calculator-- as if there aren't already enough ways to categorize those things.

"5 tips to get the most out of breastfeeding"

5? Hmmm... I can only think of 2.

I think we've milked this one for about all its worth . . .

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