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October 27, 2009


So we are not planning to blog this item any time in the foreseeable future.

(Thanks anyway to Raymond W.)


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"Become a Muf-Fan"

Have been for years.

I told you guys not to bother judi. Now look what you've done! You've made her blog something unbloggable new.

I have one thing to say: huckabee.

Hmmm... Did Joseph Smith sign off on this?

No Marie Osmond?

I'm sure the Osmonds have been muf-fans for years!

that is just so wrong on so many levels... well two, really.

I've never met a Mormon with a sense of humor. Neither of them.

No links to the magic underwear?

Why do you always take two Mormons fishing with you?

Because if you take just one, he'll drink all your beer.

I went to college at a small school in Cedar City Utah (Home of the Utah Shakespearean Festival) where I had quite a few Mormon Muffins.

NICE calendar!!

What about Mitt Romney? He seems like a joke sometimes.

Since they're of the Mormon-ish persuasion, does it mean that you can have a whole bunch of 'em at once???

bonmot that is actually VERY FUNNY. subtle.

Mormons don't believe in Hell, so you're perfectly safe blogging this. :)

Muffins...? Is that what you call 'em ?

Hot Mormon Muffins?

Hubba hubba!

If you've seen one muffin . . .

ya pretty much want to see all the rest of 'em, too.

I am a senior non-commissioned officer on the Air Force retired list, having worn a uniform extensively in our country and in 18 other nations (including Western Europe) as a direct representitive of our nation. After retiring from the military, I majored in Criminal Justice; I had a counseling program for misdemeanor offender for twelve years in four central Texas counties. I taught 12-hr. seminars essentially about Values and Behavioral Change for around 5,000 people. Since 1971, I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am neither stupid nor obtuse, and I protest your website publicizing and promoting this kind of empty-minded trash. I have been a Dave Barry fan for many years. Attacking a religion, ANY religion, is way below you.

Mormons don't believe in hell? More than one wife is hell.

Um Chuck, if you have been a fan of Dave's for years how is this your first experience with empty-minded content? You also seemed to have missed his extensive coverage of all the permutations and manifestations of Jesus in everything from frying pans to an IKEA bathroom door.

And lets us not forget the Virgin Mary toast.

Religion, or lack thereof, is as valid a target of humor as any other topic, as long as it's not done as a way favoring one religion as superior to another.

I see none of that when Dave satirizes various religions.

Besides...we keep the handbasket ready at all times.

Siouxie, remember we're taking the stretch handbasket.

I'm also confused how this came across as an "attack". I, for one, embrace these lovely ladies. (Whoops)

Meanie, we sure do know how to travel in style.

What's UPChuck? I see, not jesus but a white salamander in magic underwear, with a twelve year old bride.

*hops in handbasket*

Considering I am a Pastafarian and do not believe in Hell, where are we going?

*opens cooler and hands out beer*

*breaks out bag of Cheez-us and grills some Virgin Marys*

Chuck - thank you for your service.

In my humble opinion - God does have a sense of humor. Exhibit one - my ex-husband. Exhibit 2 - smart cars. Exhibit (d)- aardvarks and giraffes.

wow...c'mon chuck?? grab a sense 'o humor. This is funny!!! c'mon...I'm catholic. How many catholic priest jokes have ya laughed about??? The people here are (mostly) harmless( yeah a douglas adams fan) so...get off the bike...grab glass of iced tea and chill :-)

Chuck -- please. Not that I think you'll come back to read this and therefore the rest of this will exist solely to entertain my friends here and possibly be a little bit masturbatory in humorous nature but really, where did you get your definition of "attack"? Al Sharpton's yard sale?

Oh yeah, there's this -- judi posted this, not Dave. Ask anyone around here -- Dave can hold his own when he pisses people off, but we can get downright vicious when somebody goes after her. So go back to a different yard sale and buy another sense of humor to replace the one you evidently lost, please.

i have no idea how is posting a website is an attack. Did mormoms create the site? i have no idea. it's funny. it's supposed to be funny. and yes, mormoms DO have a sense of humor. present company withstanding.

heh! WriterDude said masturbatory.

Course....NOW I'm gonna have to *SMACK* Chuck for dissing on our s.b.

♫ I don't care if it rains or freezes as long as I got my bag of Cheez-us♪

*snork* @ "Al Sharpton's yard sale".

Maybe Chuck is a little sensitive on this issue because the creator of the site is an openly gay (NTTAWWT) Mormon who was excommunicated by the church AND had his BA degree rescinded by BYU (eesh). Someone does NOT have a sense of humor.

is it a coincidence that the website can be read as "mormons exposed" or "mormon sex posed"

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