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October 29, 2009


Well, no, you definitely don't want a traffic ticket on your record, but...

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I have no pity for her.

And Daddy would be so proud.

A parrot was removed from Hubbard's car, the report said.

That parrot was pining for the fjords the whole time.

I'll bet her dad was just delighted to have his name brought up in this.

Did the car have various ghoulies painted on it? And a vaguely piratical theme?

A good lawyer will blame the parrot. Arrgh!

I do NOT want to hear that parrot's repertoire of phrases and expressions. It's been under a bad influence.

Is she single?

She called him racially derogatory names...
A Florida driver?

the cops stopped a woman named julie
who was found to be rude and unruly
she cussed and she spat
then wee-wee'd and that
thoroughly pissed them off, truly


"Removed a parrot from her car . . ." I KNEW she had some pirate in her.

hmmmm... disappearing comment section....

That big, bad officer must have beaten her with his ugly stick.

Really bad too!

A parrot was removed from Hubbard's car, the report said.

Looks like Polly already got her Cracker.

Thank you, trust ... it's not just me ... or the booze....

Meanie?? did you broked the blog??

Could be. It says below that you can use HTML to underline, but when I tried it this happened:

We can


nora, don't make me look at her again.


Why couldn't I post a comment before? It was just blank. Again, apologies to my neighbors for running outside and yelling, "The blog's broken!"

Hubbard also purposely urinated in the back of the car, the report said.

Now she sounds like a fun date.


Posted by: nora | October 29, 2009 at 03:28 PM

Well nora, it did say she banged her head against the divider several times, though I don't think she could have inflicted that much damage.

TypeWeird seems to be trying to make live changes.

And doing a heckuva bad job at it.

¿uɐǝɯ ı ʇɐɥʍ ǝǝs

Nothing like alpha testing on the live server.

She looks like a California mudslide.

It looks like the b*tch is LAUGHING.

They should throw the book at her. Literally.

It would be an improvement.

Let's see if we can now do...

or even


Except that underline (u), except not using parenthasieesesses but bracket-thingees, doesn't seem to work. (my spelling may be off.)

Hey, if spitting on people and calling them names isn't classy enough for you, try peeing in the back of the patrol car. That's sure to arouse lots of public sympathy and make people think you're an innocent victim of unnecessary police harshness. No jury would ever convict you after that...

Hard to believe that she's from Volusia County though. I mean, it DOES appear that she has a few teeth.

I had the same posting problems, but it seems fixed now.

I've always used brackets to wrap html.

<u> doesn't work, but i, b, and strike do.


    like this

i b strike?
i hope the yankees b STRIKING OUT


Me too, trustf8.

(Everything is rearranged down here in the new comment section. Trippy.)

I think nc kicked the bot this morning.

I finally watched Marley and Me the other night and I'm pretty sure I saw Dave. He was kind of blurry and dark because a cake was whizzing past him, but I think it was him. Can anyone confirm if Dave actually made it into the film?

Judging by the latest reports, Pepsi should definitely hire her as their new secretary...

    OK - this should make a bulleted list.

Did it work?

Dang. Now it just indents it. Poop!!

I want my parrot back! He needs to hang out with better looking birds.

Bat sh*t crazy. Gotta be.

I hope to heaven that alcohol was not involved.

Triple threat. Stupid, drunk, incontinent.

Manda, Dave was definitely in the film. In fact I noticed that Jennifer Aniston couldn't keep her eyes off him. Lucky Jennifer.

Loudmouth, don't forget fugly.

There's a face that should be on a " lips that touch wine will never touch mine " temperance poster.


Somehow, I am neither surprised that she has a sh*t eating smile on her face, nor that she had a parrot in the car with her. It just....fits somehow.

You go, girl!

Wait, she already did....

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