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October 21, 2009


Escaped ostrich rampage ends in truck death

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Poor truck. It was still so young.

Didn't "The Runaway Ostriches" open for "A Flock of Seagulls" in 82?


Expect delays on the M56 today due to ostriches.

Better than peacocks.

Ostrich Rampage - the next new-wave band.

Dead Ostrich in the Road -wbagnfarb

Truck Death is the hot new Emo-Enviro band out of Miami!

Fellow Fugitive gets my vote.

The other one stuck his head in the median.

Emu, a blend of hip-hop and keep-on-truckin'.


Looks like the Rock Bottom Remainders have some serious competition...


Awfully quiet around here. I guess all the bloglits went to either McDonalds or Starbucks for lunch.

Cindy, you're psychic. Yes, I'm still buying McNuggets to try to win the McMonopoly McMillion...

Allen, so are McMillions of others. But you have a small McChance.

wiredog - don't you mean Emu-Enviro band?

Escaped Ostrich Rampage - soon to be a Major Motion Picture starring Nicolas Cage and Cindy Lauper.

Why did the ostrich cross the road? He wanted to become an apteryx*.

Sounds more like a double-throttled cassowary to me.

*A wingless bird with hairy feathers.

"Why are you late?"

"Cor blimey, gaffer, oi 'it a bloody oistrich on the M56!"

"In Cheshire?! Don't lie ta me. Ya been ta the bloody pub."

The driver must have had a real WTFBBQ moment.

Trucker flips the bird... nothing new there.

If only Wile E. Coyote had heard about the M56 he would not have had to keep contacting ACME.

I always remember when Austin Powers was assuring Felicity Shagwell she wouldn't miss anything by skipping the 70s and 80s....

"The 70s and the 80s? You're not missing anything, believe me. I've looked into it. There's a gas shortage and A Flock of Seagulls. That's about it."

LOL Clark. I remember that!

I don't remember any seagulls

I've driven on the M56 and believe me, the last thing you'd expect was an ostrich (or emu, for that matter). You'd think you were hallucinating and in Miami.


Sheesh. A fat lot of good those "Warning: Ostrich Crossing" signs are doing.

I assume there was a respectful memorial service, followed by the biggest BBQ'd bird ever seen.

The truck driver should be proud actually, hitting an ostrich should be a feather in his bonnet ....err cap.

Looks like a bad case of road rage.

Big Bird's gone to heck since Sesame Street went off the air. How the mighty do fall.

No kidding. For many of those characters, life after Sesame Street has become a dead end.

It's worse than we thought Annie.

Elmo was forced to be happy far too long. Under all that pressure, he finally lost it and broke down. (warning for sound!)


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