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October 19, 2009


Unfortunately, our policy against making fun of names prohibits us from bringing you today's crime update.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Well?? was he?? cindy wants to know.

Apparently HUNDREDS decided not to report it...maybe there was nothing to see worth mentioning.

Hung "Mike" Thanh Vo?

Darn, Siouxie stole my comment.

My guess is that if he was, they'd have found a way to hint at it.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH?????????????????????????

I bet Siouxie clicked.

Did Siouxie click? We'll have to wait for her answer, 'cause I heard she had to run out for a new mouse.

Maybe he's a criminal zombie from an earlier age.

Anyway, why did this shlub flash when he was born with such a great pickup line?

"Hi, I'm Hung, but you can call me Mike."

Imagine the name tag possibilities!

I did click. No big whoop.

He must be sad that he got arrested. You know, now he's one low Hung.

Since when is it a crime to hang with your buds in the park?

♫ Beat me, shape me, anyway you want me!
As long as you love me, it's all right! ♬

Will he claim insufficient evidence?

He should really change his name....
You know, something like "Hung Bill Thanh Vo"

Cr@p! Wrong thread!

The school zone signs around here have orange blinkers on them and say "20 MPH When Flashing." I assume Hung Mike was following directions.

His next job will be here.

I recall a Chinese restaurant in Portland named "Hung Far Low".

I must say I don't see anything wrong with the name "Vo" in this case.

Is he an upstanding fellow?

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