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October 24, 2009


A contest that involves children seeing how far they can throw dead rabbits has been banned in New Zealand following outcry from animal welfare campaigners.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and catmanmax, who suggests dead-lawyer throwing)


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This sounds like the games my sister and I played growing up. I think my dad thought it up himself. It would have been closely akin to the "Dip this stick in water and touch the electric fence with it" and "Grab your sister's hand and touch the electric fence" games.

Pig hunt, rabbit toss, sounds like a great tailgate party. Fun police will ban cornhole next.

Be vewy qwuiet, we aw thwowing wabbits.

An animal cruelty inspector with the charity, Charles Cadwallader, said: "Do you throw your dead grandmother around for a joke at her funeral?"

Who doesn't?

Isn't that part of the Obama death panels? I understand it's their job to choose which dead grandmothers are light enough to throw with one hand...? I'm pretty sure Glenn Beck said something about this...

Last year's second place lost out by a hare.

So, what are the poor kids who used to catch the dead rabbits supposed to do now?

When dead rabbits are outlawed only outlaws will have dead rabbits!

Hare today, grandma tomorrow.

One by one our last rights are being stripped away.

Of course, Dead Rabbit Funeral WBAGNFARB.

Would be much better if they threw live rabbit? Or grandmas? Or grandma rabbits? (okay stopping now.....)

Rabbits are cute, furry, and THEY WOULD EAT A HOLE THROUGH YOUR HEART if they thought there was a freshly planted garden in there. Let's throw objects at live rabbits.

What about throwing dead members of Congress?? Or live ones, for that matter??

What's the big deal if the rabbits are dead already? They will just through them out anyway....

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