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October 25, 2009


Ridley and I are in New York City ("The Big Scarf") to begin our nationwide juggernaut tour strumpeting for our new Starcatchers book, Peter and the Sword of Mercy, available at bookstores everywhere including Mars. For part of the tour we'll be driving our own selves in a special Swordmobile, so we are very excited, in the sense of terrified, because this means we have to drive in New York City, where on most streets it is against the law to move in any direction, or stop. Nevertheless we plan to have fun, and we will be posting video updates. We hope to see some of you folks out there on the road. If we do, please get out of the way, as we may not have total control of the Swordmobile.


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You two make this tour look like loads of fun.

Good luck with the (s)wordmobile.

great luck you two. hit the 2nd ave deli and have a knish in my honor. wish i could join ya!!


RIP, guys.

The last time I drove in Manhattan was...well, I can't remember. Just not going to do it.

Take the subway, it's safer.

Have fun.

Checked my schedule (Massachusetts to Florida this trip), and there is a possibility that I can make the Disney appearance on Nov 14. Yay!

Yikes. I sure hope they're not driving for the whole strumpeting tour, selling books out of a hatchback. And of course we want pictures.

The optimal vehicle for driving in Manhattan is a heavily spiked dune buggy from one of the later Mad Max movies. If you can get one with a hostage already strapped to the front bumper, I recommend it (or you can scoop one up along the way if you prefer).

I lived in that neighborhood for a long time, but haven't even visited it in a couple of weeks, so I'm sure all the restaurants have changed. Last I heard, Barney Greengrass, the Sturgeon King was still around (and totally worth it).

Whenever I'm in a NYC taxi, I think -- is it rational to be calm as your driver, some guy who hasn't shaved in a month and appears to be sleep deprived, is hurtling down Broadway at 60 miles and hour?

Hopefully the SwordMobile will run into the WeinerMobile so you can cut their meat for them.

That depends, Peter: is he on the street or the sidewalk?

Annie, if they run into a Jewish temple, they can also perform the circumcisions....for tips of course.

*badump pum*

Off to spend the day in Sarasota with my girlies!!!

Have fun strumpeting, Dave & Ridley!! Drive safe.

What do you have against SoCal? We read here too.

Now this is a Swordmobile! Butt I'm sure yours will be very nice.

Swordmobile? I'm hiding in my basement, forever!

>in horrible impersonation of Homer Simpson<

"CJrun's Swordmobile..." drool.

that pic is great but we wanna see the real (Dave and Ridley's) Swordmobile.

bet it looks like a Camry.

I assume that at least some of the video updates will be from police dashboard cameras.

the swordmobile is in that video Dave posted, last week I think...


Or maybe it's this pic of Dave in his twenties, with his Olds

Well, that Le Sabre isn't mine. crossgirl and I were at the Rattlesnake Festival last weekend and she let me wander over to the old cars. She actually liked the early 60s rides that are my favorites. Here were two other favorites, a 1959 Starliner (and here), and a 1960 Impala (and here). Love me some early American heavy metal!

Ahhh, CJ, you're bringing back the smells of Testor's model glue and paints. Remember those little bottles of paint? They cost, what - like 25 cents?


I am assuming that the videos will be taken by the driver, who already has a Florida driver's license....

Don't let the bedbugs bite! Again.

I had two LeSabres, a '71 and an '83. Oddly enough, the clocks still worked in both of them.

Also, a 60 Fleetwood, a 68 GTO and several 41-46 Chevy trucks. The '71 LaSabre was kind of an amalgam of a Fleetwood, a goat and a truck, now that I think of it. Loved that 455 Rocket.

Is a Juggernaut like an Astronaut that drinks Jeagermeister?

judi - thanks for posting that video again. I missed it the first time. The SwordMobile doesn't look anything like Siouxie's MacheteMobile.

Thanks from me also for the video, Judi. I veered off and also watched the reenactment of HSM3 where Dave and Ridley danced. What a cute couple. Annie, I want that MacheteMobile. That is a cool looking car.

Greetings, all - I am triumphantly returned from an awesome trip into deepest Manhattan to see the appearance of Dave, Ridley and Jim Dale strumpeting for Peter And The Sword Of Mercy. What a GREAT time it was! In addition to hearing Dave and Ridley speak about the book and the series, we got to hear the incomparable Jim Dale read two excerpts as only he can. My daughter and I were simply amazed at the talent of this man.

I've sent in a few photos of the event to judi. Maybe she'll post one or two if she takes a break from the never-ending search for kiltmeat.

*tosses judi some kiltmeat*

Did somebody say 'kilt'?? Thanks Annie. Wow. I wonder if I built a bookstore in my town if Dave and Ridley would strumpet here? Build it and they will come?

Does the Swordmobile have Mercy Bucket seats?

And more importantly, will our Dynamic Duo be able to keep the Swordmobile away from low-altitude choppers once Hardbonger and Sternabite need to save our bacon again? Or will Florida-licensed squirrel drivers get to it first?

Is there room to bring judi and Jim-Bob along?

Engorgio ad absurdum.

CJ and Cowboy,

Here's a photo of my first car, a 1964 Ford Fairlane sedan. Mine was maroon with the 289 V8.


'83 LeSabre! The perfect finishing touch, mainly dental, for the Naperville IL contingent costumes! We're ready!

See y'all in West Chester on Tuesday, Dave!! (see, I had to put in that "y'all" since you said I didn't SOUND like a southerner the last time we met. ;)

(Really - it's what he wrote in my book - "To Sthnbelle, who doesn't sound like one")

Mitch, my dad had a 64 Fairlane just like that one, but green. He traded it for a 70 Tempest.

In those days, cars had distinction... now they all look like Tempos.

Dave, Why don't you come to Pittsburgh, like, ever??

You need some Iron City Beer and a Primanti Bros Sandwich!

Or Yuengling, depending on your prefrences.

I'd even buy you a few if you decide to visit!

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