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October 31, 2009


Ridley and I had a fine event last night with Eoin Colfer in Seattle and are now on our way to California, a large nearby state. This afternoon at 2:30 we'll be at Copperfield's Books in Petaluma Petaluma Petaluma, because we enjoy saying "Petaluma." Then we'll go to San Francisco, which on Halloween is even weirder than usual. Our costume is "sleep-deprived authors with no clean underwear." So beware.


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So, you look like Stephen King on a normal day?


Leo Laporte (of the TWIT podcasting network) lives/works in Petaluma. Perhaps there's some chance y'all could get together.

When in San Franfrisco...go like the locals...commando! No need for clean undies.

Some music for the occasion...

But... but... you'll miss Powell's bookstore in Portland. I don't think you're ALLOWED to wear underwear in there.

Plus, to all the squirrels and squirrel-ettes.

Now Jeff, Mr. King is not only a brilliant writer he's cute too. I'm not sure going commando in San Francisco on Halloween is such a good idea. Ridley doesn't strike me as the "I'm going commando!" type of guy anyway.

Aww, Dave is going to miss Sophie's Halloween costume. Wonder what she's going to be?

Guin, This is probably what Sophie will be wearing. She is, after all, Dave's daughter.

my understanding of halloween is that it is the high holy day in san fran.

so I'm here in Petaluma but there's no swordmobile...where'd it go??

The Swordmobile is probably the perfect vehicle for a San Fran Halloween cruise-about.

Didn't Commando Squirrels open for The Kinks in the 80's?

That was Commando Cody, Tash.

D'oh, missed it!

Didn't we have some self-cleaning underwear on the blo recently?

My costume on Halloween was "Guy Wearing A Blue T-Shirt With A Quote From Dave Barry On It."

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