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October 26, 2009


Today we're in New Jersey, where we discovered that the Swordmobile has a Caliifornia license plate. Also, Mr. Control Freak won't let me drive.



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BOLO, NJ police.

Yeah, but Dave, your face is on the driver side. He's got to let you drive, otherwise the whole "my side of the car" thing gets mixed up.

So when are you coming to DC?

And, as Hammie pointed out, I can't read the schedule properly.

Well you are a Miami driver after all Dave. He doesn't want to be driving the wrong way down the interstate and end up plowing into somebody's roof or pool.

Dave, perhaps your lack of wheel time has something to do with that whole Florida driver's license thing.

Huh. I didn't notice the huge roof antenna on the Swordmobile yesterday.

See what I meant from the other thread? Those two are practically twins. Good thing they lined up next to their window stickers or I couldn't have told them apart.

I can't imagine why Ridley doesn't let you drive, Dave. We're such great drivers here in Miami.

The CA plate doesn't exclude you from turning to the right every now and then, does it???

Who snapped this photo?
The guys who pulled you over?

Sobriety check point?

Not just a CA license plate, butt it says right on it that you're a dealer, so you're definitely getting the K-9 crotch sniff.

By the look of dave's feet i don't think he's gonna nail walking that white line

Dave, of course Ridley must drive. How are you supposed to blog while driving?

I was thinking exactly the same thing ceejaytee. Dave, maybe you should show Ridley that your picture is on the drivers side and it's the law that you drive.

Has Dave voted for himself in the New Jersey election yet?

What happened to Ridley's left leg?

You don't want to drive in New Jersey. No one WANTS to drive in New Jersey.

Dave and Ridley can stop strumpeting now. I bought the book today. Also when you start calling each other names in the car it may be time to take a break.

YAY - only a few more hours before I get to see Dave and Mr. Control Freak in West Chester!!

Just kidding, Ridley - the boy is doing a book report/project on KK2, and we're hoping that we can get a picture of you with him to put on his poster (and maybe a signature on the poster, too?)

I'll be bringing the good camera, so hopefully some nice shots to share later!

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