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October 25, 2009



(Thanks to Mel of the message board)


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"So Pearson takes on the bone-tingling sections, while Barry tackles the bone-tickling parts."

Sounds like Walter maybe shoulda gotten a piece of the pie too.

I don't know how her bones were affected, but my daughter finished half the book before we got home.

“Kids are the most amazing readers,” Barry says. “They’re so enthusiastic. They’re just really into the story. They don’t care who you are, what the reviewers said. They don’t care if it’s a best seller or going to be made into a movie. It’s the story that interests them.”
The same could be said of most of us on this blog.

Cindy, you're telling me that if Dave's book got a bad review, you wouldn't murder the reviewer? If Warner Brothers turned down the movie tie-in, you wouldn't firebomb their headquarters, not even a little bit? I find that hard to believe.

Dave Barry, "...young-adult novelist." Har!

...the Pulitzer Prize–winning humorist discovered a new audience for his sidesplitting comedy: kids.

The CDC has issued a warning about the Pandemic of split sides among children.

...a process they call “ping-pong collaboration.”

I think they said ping-bong collaboration.

I liked the articles referenced in Sophie's hyperlink. She had a wide rane of interests for someone so young.

Also, to keep a tradition alive: Dave wrote a book?

I think that its great to attract the younger readers but don't forget the older ones who still need humor from your books Dave.

'It was Barry’s close friend, thriller writer Ridley Pearson, who suggested he give the young-adult crowd a try. “It dawned on me that Dave has never really matured past nine years old anyway, so how perfect could it be?” Pearson asks.'

Well, I guess when you've been partnered up with someone long enough, you can say crap like that.

You notice how in the pictures Dave and Ridley are starting to look alike?

The article has a random list of "Related Topics" at the bottom, including a link for "Sophie". Other than a circular reference back to the original article's quote by Dave about his daughter, the "related" Sophies under that link have nothing to do with Dave or his darling urchin.

This must be how the random plot generator in "24" works.

MTB - you figured it out! Now they'll have to kill you..... and... us.

Actually, now that Audrey (WARNING!) is joining the cast of Grey's Anatomy (the woman must have some serious dirt on someone!) there's room for Sophie on 24.

Of course, Dave would have to move to New York... .

She's baaaaacccckkkk........


The Ghost of Strumpets Past.

Haha! Great pic MtB.
You've just got to love that daughter of yours!

So why won't Dave come to DC? Is he still upset over that last visit, with Weingarten and Achenbach, when The Incident occurred? Really Dave, we'll forgive you! We promise the IRS will never hear about that!

Umm, wiredog, if I read the strumpetschedule correctly, they will be in DC on Wednesday. I'd love to be there, but gotta work. (Dem Bastids)

OMG, it's the Leetie Head!

"if I read the strumpetschedule correctly"

Why would I do that?

Damn. Got a funeral to go to that day. Would rather be at work.

Yup, DC gig starts at 1030; Judi says they'll be long gone by 4. Oh well, some other year perhaps.

Dave Barry, "...young-adult novelist." Har!

Posted by: CJrun | October 26, 2009 at 06:14 AM

CJ - I prefer the repunctuated version: "Dave Barry, young Adult Novelist." HAR! ;)

OMG, Blue - I just snorked my mac and cheese. LMAO!

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