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October 22, 2009


(Thanks to jon harris)


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I'll be a judge of that!

First the Olympics, now this, Brazil is on a roll, baby!

She may be going to the world championships, but her odds of wining are like a Brazilian to one.

Big deal. I could do that. Just pour a little cooking oil on the floor and give me some butt buster shoes and voila!

Yeah, but could she do it wearing a snuggie? (tm thingie) Hmph.

Ummm, how quickly will I get whacked by Siouxie's cyber-machete if I ask if there's a video lin--OWWW!

Well, OF COURSE!! The ONLY way to pole dance is with a Brazilian!!!


And Chicago wanted the Olympics. Amateurs. Dat's gymnastics!

The prize is paid in ones or fives?

Darn, too slow to get in an Olympics or a Brazilian joke. As a native, though, I can tell you that if Chicago had been chosen for the Olympics, there are lots of Poles there.

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