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October 18, 2009


(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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That's why we like it here in the Great Garden Snake . .. .

What a dick! I'll take two. And can you throw in the batteries for free?

vote yes,yes,yes!!! for velez-gentry!!!

can they get the woman from 'when harry met sally' to say "i'll vote for whoever she's voting for"?

Her best seller: "The Stimulus Package."

She has a way of making the male candidates feel inadequate.

"my party machine is bigger than their party machine."

"and it's rechargeable!"

It's like Tupperware? One of Dave's funniest stories was about a Tupperware party he had in college. I don't think he would have been able to write about this.

It's great to see a real "hands on" candidate with a real grasp on the important issues that women feel deeply about.

"She engages people so easily and really gets out there and takes the approach of one voter at a time."

If she starts taking voters two or more at a time, she'll get every male vote!

Best way to get into politics: start as a community organ-izer.

She can certainly handle the dangling Chads.

When you leave the party does she say "Thanks for coming?"

Is that a caucus in your pocket, or ....

Vote for me, I'll set you free. She wants to move the screwing from the hearing room back to the bedroom where it belongs.

She probably has a whole different understanding of what it means to "press the flesh."

With a battery of loyal supporters, she's definitely started a buzz.

With a little leather luck, she could be the next majority whip.

Theme songs:
"Call me!"
"Party like it's 1999AAAHHHHOHHHGODOHGOD!"
"Crazy Little Party Girl"

(and yes, I'd vote for her. Multiple times...)

The rest of the party members are spinning in their graves. Even the live ones.

*SMACKS* Allen to snap him out of it.

She will have stiff competition during an extremely hard campaign...butt...I predickt a happy ending.

If your election lasts more than four terms, see you doctor.

"I received nothing but positive feedback,"

That's one of those internet toys, right?


As rumors of Hillary Clinton's desire for a little "bipartisan commission" resurface, IYKWIM (AITYD), NTTAWWT.

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Do you have Prince Albert in a can ?

I went to her campaign site and on the front page she boasts about being a supporter of the "Toys for Tots" program. This woman really likes toys. I just hope she doesn't get them mixed up. Actually, I DO hope she gets them mixed up.



It's off to work we go!

Do her toys come "some Assembly-woman required"?

She'd be a valued caucus member.

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