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October 22, 2009


Other names that our strict policy prevents us from making fun of may be found here and here.

(Thanks to PerroMax and Karen Fehlauer)


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Howdy, Doody!

F*** ET

Yeah, that was my reaction to that movie too.

Nobody ever made fun of Alison Doody, either.

They graduated from FU.

"Pub Med"--hee, hee!

I wonder if EJ and ET are F#ck brothers or just unfortunate F#ck colleagues.

It's all an unfortunate misunderstanding. Y'see, when the PubMed guy called SA Headly and told him his colleagues EJ and ET said they should get author credit too. Then the PubMed guy asked for their full names, and SA Headly angrily replied "F**k EJ and F**k ET!" and the PubMed drone just wrote it down.

That Doody, he's on fire - and just in time for Halloween.

I grew up in Canton, and the Doody family has been there for a long time and I know that we never made fun of the name when we were kids. Ever. Well, maybe a little bit.

My thoughts exactly padraig.

Hey Not Wayne,
Canton is a great little town. Some of the NotSherly relatives are there.
Welcome to the Not family.

I've been to Canton NS. It was nice. The first time I visited Ohio I started taking pictures of all the quaint little red barns. Ya'll have a LOT of barns! This was before digital cameras and I used up an entire roll of film on barns and cows. My ex also made the mistake of letting me drive and fell asleep. I got lost in downtown Cincinnati at 2 a.m. Not a good thing. I realized this after he woke up and yelled at me.

What the . . . you know.

I wonder what time he goes on doody?

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