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October 23, 2009


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Mr Elferink has previously been sensitive when at the butt-end of similar jokes.

In 2005, Mr Elferink challenged Labor's Chris Burns to a fight in Parliament for repeatedly calling him a "poofter".

Gotta love those wacky Aussie politicians!

But is he a poofter? Inquiring minds, etc.

Doesn't say about his private life, but apparently he was a former copper.

Let's send that McGahey guy to Washington instead. He's retired anyway, lots of free time. Tell him to bring LOTS of petroleum jelly.

Thanks for the link Jeff.
This guy is trying to come out of the shadows with this stunt.

Sounds like Mr. McGahey wants someone to have a shi**y time.

Let's just all agree not to ask Essential Services Minister John Knight what time it is, OK?

Time for a :

Haha Bonmot.

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