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October 19, 2009


A traveling dominatrix.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Soon to be a major motion picture?

Siouxie, get your machete ready, Hollywood may be calling!


Clean gutters, check.

Mow lawn, check.

Get spanked at Dungeon, hmmmm....that's gonna be tight, better have the Mistress come here...

"Lee will whip round in her anonymous looking van"--hee, hee!



"And most important of all, the van is completely soundproof so your neighbours will never know." But it looks like the back of the van has her company logo emblazoned on it.

"And most important of all, the van is completely soundproof so your neighbours will never know."

That's always a must. Guys can be such whiners and scream like little girls.

Or so I've heard.

Lady Heather she isn't.

But if she comes to Washington, the Senators' own hired "help" will get them to pass a law outlawing mobile sales.

Is she driving a set of Wartenberg wheels?

"And most important of all, the van is completely soundproof so your neighbours will never know."

Better have heavy-duty shock absorbers too.

Great idea. Next mobile Rendition vans. Your neighbors will never know.

Old Army Running Song (there were several variations:
Beat me, hurt me, I need Love
Don't forget your leather glove
Bring those whips
Brings those chains
Feel the pleasure
Feel the pain.

No thanks.

I'd rather have the pleasure of horsewhipping my own Congresscritters.

Preferably in public, so my "neighbours" could watch, applaud and even take a turn at the whip themselves when my arm got tired.

"If the van is rockin' . . . GET ME OUTTA HERE!!"

And she will beat any competitor. Literally.

I'm just shocked this wasn't submitted (ha!) by Allen at Division. Good one wiredog.

Yea. No one I know enjoys this type of activity. Of course, I can't recall it ever coming up in casual conversation.
Of course, most of us (somewhat) willingly pay our taxes. That means there has to be some masochism in there, somewhere.

♫ Beat me, shape me, anyway you want me!
As long as you love me, it's all right! ♬

(Finally in the correct thread...)

Y'all got it all wrong. What she really does is drive 45 mph in the left lane.

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