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October 30, 2009


Famous writer and Irish person Eoin Colfer reacts to the sheer pulsating manliness of the Swordmobile.



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I'm impressed that the car went from the East Coast to Seattle in two days.

Kind of looks like he thinks it's The Armrest of Mercy.

Eoin is the author of And Another Thing...

Looks as though he was sideswiped and snagged his sleeve.

wiredog - thanks. I shall have to explore this, now that I know who Mr. Colfer is and his H2G2 connection. If he's even a fraction of the genius that Douglas Adams was (he could never be a true match), it will be worth it.

Obviously a Blues Brother (in his bluit of sue)
((ya see, that's a 'spoonerism'))

It looks like he was directing Dave on how to parallel park and now he is telling him to stop before he runs over him completely.

I'll have to show this to the boy - he's a big fan of Mr. Colfer and the Artemis Fowl series.

His hand obviously posed for the "creepy hand" graphic on the Swordmobile.

*sends Mr. Colfer a couple of consonants for to use with his name*

I'd like to buy a vowel.

WHAT!? You guys haven't read these? Mulch Diggums will be sent to (F@r#+ ) release explosive hydrocarbons in your general direction. 'cept that Mulch can be very specific about direction, volume and ... well never mind.
The Atremis Fowl books are good reads.
Go to the Library and ask forgivness.

OT (except that it relates to Seattle) -- Way to go Dynamo! Held those Sounders to a draw. We'll finish 'em at home under the palms.

Holly Short!! What? You guys haven't read Artemis Fowl? Mulch Duggings will be sent to F@r+ release serious quantities of hydrocarbons in your general direction. 'Tho Mulch can be very directional...

Go get the books and share them

Foaly!, I'm getting multiple transmissions here.


Hey Eoin! Yo homey! Conas ata tu, mo charr! A bhuil tu aon sceal agat?

Looks like Dave and Ridley and the guy with the funny name have littered the ground around the Swordmobile with candy wrappers.

They're called leaves. They grow that way in some parts of the world.

Hey! It works. Wouldn't let me in yesterday.

Some of these TSA signs definitely apply to the Blog and his Fellow Traveler.

Loved the TSA signs wiredog. Although they don't mention anything about dangerous bookmarks or pirate hats. Would it have gone better at the airport if Dave had been wearing the pirate hat?

Are we sure that's not Teller from Penn & Teller?

i agree, ibid-- even with the multiple posts :)

Nice parking job Dave (or Ridley).

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