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October 28, 2009


The search revealed a sex enhancement drug and some sex toys. According to the report, Corning told Wines he had a prescription for the medication and the other items were always in the car "just in case."

(Thanks to David Elwart)


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the other items were always in the car "just in case.

so he was a boy scout, right?

In case of what?

In less than two hours, I'm guessing he was no longer happily married either.

You've gotta love the "just in case" part.

In case his car broke down outside a motel (when he was with the 18 year old "escort")? Then he'd be up for anything (so to speak).

Gotta love those randy South Carolina politicos.

You mean that everyone doesn't have sex enhancement drugs and sex toys in their car all the time "just in case"?

uh oh.

I appreciate the fact that at least the SC gent'mums are able to find trouble without alcohol being involved. Just a regular, randy old day!

Again...cindy??? he may be single very soon!

*Quietly moves large, sturdy case out of car*

I am shocked, shocked, to find out someone is keeping sex toys in their vehicle.

Nothing to see here. Please move along.

"Earlier, Wines had witnessed the Ford Explorer that Corning was driving pull into a secluded portion of Elmwood Cemetery ..."

A grave mistake.

Well, the cemetary would also explain Hammie's large, sturdy case.

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

hmmm how large???

*blink* *blink*

If you have a "Just in Case" moment lasting more than four hours please contact your physician. At least he didn't claim he needed the "medication" to hike the Appalachian Trail.

He knew when he started to date her,
to succeed with a Palmetto Stater,
if his winky won't work,
she'd think him a jerk.
And that's why he brought the vibrator.

So I always include a vibrator.

Ignore the last line. That was from a draft.

Good thing I did delete all the other drafts.

I was working on something like "but her glove box was stuck" . . . hmmmm . . . what could rhyme with "stuck" . . . .

* Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

"illegal activity, i.e. sex acts and drug abuse..."

What, no rock and roll?...

Allen, in S.C. they will throw a rock at your car and then roll it if you make them mad. Does that count? Siouxie, maybe we should give Annie and Diva a chance at this one. Again, this is why I live in NORTH Carolina.

Wow Hammie!


Just as a personal rule I avoid getting in a car with any guy named Corning. Politicians as well, for that matter.

Gives Corningware a whole new meaning, although both will get you cookin'!

And, there's an app for that!


I hate "page not found".

Maybe this'll work.

Makes me so proud to live in South Carolina.

And to see it was on FITSNews...why am I not surprised?

And no picture of the "employee of Platinum Plus Gentlemen's Club"? Shoddy reporting.

I don't know the "gentleman" in question. I do think it strange that the general American reaction to a story like this is, "OMG, they are having sex!"
As if none of the rest of us do?
For the record; I once had an accident where I cut into my left knee with a chain saw. In reality, I was cutting wood for the winter. When my co-workers asked how it happened, I said I was hurt during a sexual encounter.
I treasure those looks to this day, even if they doubted that account.

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